Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning.......

You will never guess what happened this morning. I was sitting on the bed playing with Daphne when all of a sudden this weird noise erupted from the bathroom As I went to check out what the noise was my foot hit water. I looked down and the whole floor was filling very quickly with water. I ran to the bathroom and the toilet was gushing water. I ran around the house picking everything off the floor, put some clothes on, and ran down to James store to get my landlord. They came shut off the water and we started sweeping the water out of the house. You should have seen the river running out of my front door. It really took a remarkably short time to clean it up and get the toilet fixed. Daph was such a good girl and took a nap so I could help clean up the floor. 
I'm sorry I've been slacking off on the blog recently, but we have been out having fun instead of just writing about it. I promise I will get caught up over the weekend.


  1. yikes! glad you got it fixed so fast. :)

  2. Tracy, that is crazy!!! You are a good sport! {Another "only in Dominica" moment to add to the list!}