Saturday, July 30, 2011

Failed Photo Shoot

This morning I was planning on doing my own newborn photo shoot with Daphne. I got everything set up and took her clothes off and of course she starts throwing a fit. I only got this one shot. It turned out pretty good, but only after editing. Oh and she peed all over the place too. I really wanted to get some cute shots of her before she gets to much bigger. I guess there is always another day.

Week one

This new life of mine is so crazy. I feel like everything is new, but that it has been like this forever. I am loving being a mom! Even getting woken up at 3:00 in the morning is enjoyable. Daphne is really the BEST baby in the world. The worst thing she does is poop RIGHT after I have changed her diaper, so no complaining here. She is doing great on the oxygen. Her O2 sats are great as long as she is hooked up. We had a doctor appointment yesterday and the doctor wants her to stay on the oxygen at least til her next appointment in three weeks. Her short life has been filled with adventure so far and I think the both of us are ready for it to slow down. I'm putting us both on house arrest probably as long as she is on the oxygen.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A day of rest.

If you would have dropped by our house today you most likely would have found Daphne and I asleep. Since she has been born we haven't had a day to just rest and it felt so good to just chill and take naps. I feel rejuvenated!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Cardiologist

I woke up this morning on edge waiting for the doctor to call and tell us when we needed to be at the cardiologists. It seemed like it took forever, but he finally called. He told us we wouldn't have to go all the way to Colorado Springs because the doctor does a clinic in La Junta once a month and we got lucky that that day was today. John, Mary and I headed down there with baby in tow. We got there and after a butt load of paperwork and her first blow out diaper(it got all over the car seat) we went in. I just have to say Daphne is such a good baby. The nurse hooked her up to the EKG (there were about 10 cords attached all over her body) and of course she couldn't get it to work. After a few minutes of fiddling with it it was working, but she discovered it was also out of paper. Daphne sat there for about ten minutes perfectly still with no crying while the nurse got all of this set up. It was pretty amazing! The doctor checked the EKG results, listened to her heart and had her O2 stats checked with and with out her on oxygen and he determined there was nothing wrong going on with her heart. It was such a relief, but now we are back to square one with finding out why her O2 stats are so low. I called her pediatrician and we are going to keep her on oxygen and see what is next to do on our doctor visit on Friday. I'm really hoping we can find out what is going on quickly so we can get it fixed. Keep praying for little Daphne.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making me worry

Today Daphne had her first doctor appointment. She was such a sweet girl for the nurse and doctor, but of course she had to go and make her mom worry about her. Her O2 sats are a little low. The doctor is having her monitored for a few hours and then he will decide if she just has irregular breathing or if it could be something a little more serious. I have been watching her monitor and she is great most of the time but she sometimes dips just under the recommended level of 90. I should know more tomorrow, but for now I get to worry.

Bringing home baby!

My stay at the hospital was a pleasant one. It was nice to have time to just myself and Daphne so we could get to know one another. The nurses were all so nice and helpful and the food was actually really good. But by Sunday morning I was ready to go home. After being discharged and taking a nice shower I headed out into the world with baby in tow. She could have cared less. She just slept through the whole thing. I have to say she did look very cute in her precious yellow outfit. We got home and I got us settled. The room need to be rearranged a little and stuff from the hospital needed to be put away. After that and introducing her to the animals we took a nap.
That evening my parents arrived. They came over and we had dinner and chatted. It was so nice to see them and introduce them to Daphne. I really appreciated them driving all the way to come see us, thanks mom and dad. It was a complete shock to me when they called and said they wanted to come visit me. They stayed Monday too and we had a great time going out to eat, playing card games and visiting with each other. They left this morning and I was sad to see them go not knowing when we would see them again.

Now its time for me to get some rest. I feel like since I have brought Daphne home I have been going, going, going.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The birth of my baby

I woke up Thursday not feeling well. I had a head ache and was feeling nauseous. I was also having contractions every 10 min. This all lasted until about 1:00pm and then stopped. This had happened before so I didn't think to much into it. I went to the pool to cool down and was laying on my raft and I just start not feeling like myself. Went home and tried to get some rest, but was just not feeling right. The contractions started again at 8:00 pm and were 10 min apart. They were not painful and didn't think much of them, until all of a sudden they were only 3 min apart. I got a little nervous cause I know sometimes things can happen really quickly. I called Johnny to see what he thought I should do. He thought I should call the hospital and see what they thought. They told me to come in. I got all my stuff together and woke up my Mary (MIL) and we headed to the hospital. I got there and they got me hooked up and did an exam. I was 3 cm, 70% effaced and in 0 station. They decided to keep me and let labor happen. I progressed really well and not to painfully. At about 10:00 am I was to a 7 and still feeling great. I spent most of the morning in the jetted tub relaxing. The doctor came at about noon and broke my water, now all the "fun" started. I could not handle the contractions at all. It had only been a half hour and I decided to get the epidural. It was hard getting the needle into my spine and I had a few VERY painful contractions while he was trying to get the needle in and I thought I was going to die. After I was feeling better they checked me and I was at 10 cm and ready to push. I couldn't believe it happened so quickly. The doctor got changed and ready and I started pushing. Two hours later nothing had happened. She was not moving. Doctor decided to to an episiotomy to help things along. After some more pushing still no baby. I have and old school doc and he decided to use forceps to help baby come out. Well finally something worked, and Daphne Lois was born at 3:25pm weighing 7.9lbs and 19 inches long. She is absolutely perfect and I love her more than anything. I am so thankful to my Mother-in-love, Mary for supporting me through the rough patches and for my dearest husband that watched over us(and for skype that allowed him to be there).