Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Time is here!!!

This post is a lot of random stuff. We have ben doing well and trying to keep busy. It has finally begun to be summer and we have been out enjoying it. We have swam with friends at least twice a week for the past few weeks which is amazing!!! We have been out shopping for our little man. We have been to the zoo and had fun days at home.

Daphne seems to be growing up so fast. She is talking so much more and learning to count and actually sing songs instead of doing just the actions. She had also started throwing major tantrums. She has melted down a few times in public and I'm always so imbarassed. What do you do when your kids throw a fit in public? I seem to handle it okay at home by putting her in her room to calm down or distracting her, but I have no clue what to do in public yet.
I'm doing well too. I am really getting excited for our little man to arrive. I have been in nesting moods a few times. I also have been having lots of dreams about having him here. We still do not have a name for him so we refer to him as "little man" around the house. Right now I'm 27 weeks and have lots of heart burn and my feet and hands seem to be swollen most of the time. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow to do the glucose test so we will see how that goes. Little man moves ALL THE TIME and I love it. It is so reassuring and I just love how it feels eventhough some of his kicks are starting to hurt.
Johnny is doing well in school. He has been studying like crazy because he takes the STEP 2 on Thursday. The week after that he has a test for his surgery rotation and then the week after that he is doing the clinical Science potion of the STEP 2. Please pray for good scores all around! I don't know how his big brain does it.

This morning Daphne and I went to a splash pad. I don't know what I was thinking when I didn't put my suit on, but man was it hot. I got as much of me wet as I possibly could. Daphne was pretty scred at first, but after a long walk around the park in the aganizing heat she was ready to get wet. Once she started she didn't want to leave. She had one of those tantrums I was telling you about as we headed to the car. It was so fun though.

This is a whole bunch of random videos we have taken the last few weeks.