Monday, July 30, 2012

One year older and wiser too......

For Daphne's birthday we went down to Arizona to visit my family. It was a short trip but we had such a great time.We went and spent the first couple of days with Arlo and Heather. It is always so nice to see them. I was always close to Arlo and his kids are so much fun. Daphne liked them too. She was so interested in what they were doing all the time.
We went on a hike that kinda bombed. We didn't know we had to pay so I took a pre-hike to the gift shop then the girls had to go to the potty so they had a pre-hike too. We went on a "loop" that didn't end up being a loop, and thought the hike was a good length for us adults the kids we done before we even got half way done. 
We had a great night going out to eat and then playing a new game. Us Davidsons are game players and any good games are always welcome. We spent the last of our time with Arlo and the kids going to a splash pad and then going to Richard's house to what else, but play a game. 

That night we headed out to St. David to camp out in my parents front yard and have a BBQ. It was so great to see my parents and to go back to the home town. Camping turned out to be a little bit of a pain because it rained, but after a little mopping up of the tent it turned out to be a great night. In the morning we got up and headed out to see the Pioneer Day parade. It was Daphne's first parade and I really think she enjoyed it. St. David also did a great job with it. It was the best one they have ever done. After the parade they had game for the kids, but Daphne decided a nap sounded better, but that gave me time to talk to one of my good high school friends.

We ate at the school and then headed home for the afternoon. We headed back to the school for a choir performance my mom and grandma were in. They did a great job and afterward we headed out to the football field to wait of the fireworks show. We ended up winning a cake to have for Daphne's birthday party which was really nice. Since we didn't have fireworks for the 4th of July so it was nice to have them for the 24th. Daphne loved them too. 

On Sunday we went to church with y parents and then headed over to Richards for Daphne's party. We had a great time seeing everyone and playing games. We had a great Mexican dinner and had fun sing and eating cake. I don't give Daphne sweets very often so this was her first time having cake. She ended up eating the frosting and then dumping the cake on the ground.

Leaving my family is always hard. I don't know when we are going to get a chance to see them again, but me and Daphne will probably take a trip down there soon! On our way home I started getting sick which is still not fun. 

We had to have a party with the Cochran's too, so we had a nice kabab dinner and swam in the pool in the front yard. She also got a birthday pie which she enjoyed a lot more that the cake.

I think her first year of life has been a great success!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My last First

Aren't crying pics the best!

The forth of July was mostly just a typical day since we didn't have any Fireworks here in Colorado. We did BBQ and it was yummy. We also had a couple of small fireworks we set off at the house. Daphne didn't know what to think of them, but she wasn't scared at all.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

STEP 1: Officially DONE

So Johnny PASSED!!!!! Half of our waiting is done and now the rest of the waiting can progress. We just have to send in some paperwork and we should get a call back sometime soon to talk to the rotations coordinator, and then we should know where we are going. Oh I can't wait!
I'm alos getting very excited to see my family. We head down next week. It will be fun, and we will celebrate Daphne's 1st Birthday with them! Now I just have to wait....