Sunday, April 22, 2012

Riding in cars with boys... I mean boy.

Tanner made Daphne a little "car" to play in. She seems to like it especially when he plays with her. The first part of the video is him pushing her in it and the second is of him pretending to be a dog. He seemed to like both of them a lot. 

Today is Daphne's NINE month birthday! She is so big. She is just full of love. She loves to play. She loves to eat. She loves me and her daddy. She loves watching cats. She loves to brush her teeth. She loves her family. She loves to scoot backward, but not forward.
She does not love getting her face wiped, or people looking at her teeth. She hates me to leave the room. She hates having  fever. She hates poopy diapers.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Washington DC: Day 1

Like I said, we had not planned to go to Washington on our way home. I had wanted Johnny to plan a little trip for our way home, but he didn't think it was a good idea...until we got to Lisa's. he spent all Saturday looking up places to go. I went to bed not knowing where or what we were doing the next day. When I woke up he had decided on DC. 

The drive on Sunday was not bad. We stopped in this "great" little town, Historic Halifax. All we wanted was a little park to eat our sandwiches, but we got a tour of the town, the WHOLE time.When we got into DC I was amazed. I Had been there before, but I didn't remember it being so beautiful. 

We started our tour of the Mall at the National Archives. This is where they keep the Declaration, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. It was one of the places I didn't get to see when I had been there before. I was amazed how faded the Declaration and Bill of Rights were you could not read them, but the Constitution was  like it had been written yesterday. 

Next we headed to the Air and Space Museum I remember it being a lot cooler the first time. Maybe its more for kids.

Now on to what Johnny really wanted to see. If you know Johnny you know he LOVES our 16th President, Mr. Abe Lincon himself. Johnny had already been to DC before and he did not get to visit Ford's Theatre, so this was a must for him. It was one of my favorite places we saw this trip. We got to listen to a lecture on Lincon and the events leading o his death. 

Then we headed to the capitol building. We were planning on going in, but there were a ton of guards with big scary guns, so we thought it was best not to try and enter. 

Our next stop was the Library of Congress, Johnny's #2 on his must see list, but by the time we walked there it was after just after five, and that meant it was closed. As I sat mourning that fact for Johnny (while he wandered trying to get a peak inside) I heard a bell tolling. I got to thinking hey why would a bell be tolling if the hour should have already tolled? I ran over to Johnny and mentioned it and he said it looked like they were still letting people in. So it wasn't passed five it was just turning five. Anyway they let us in and I'm so glad they did. It was the most beautiful building I have ever seen. The pictures don't even do it justice.

Our day was done so we headed over to Union Station to take the metro back to the hotel On our way we passed the Supreme Court Building.  Union Station was pretty cool. It was like a shopping mall inside. Johnny found a Barnes and Noble inside and spent some time there. 

So that sums up our first day in DC. 

Goodbye Picnik

How many of you have ever used Picnik? I know I'm going to miss it. They shut down yesterday and now I don't know how I'm going to edit my photos.  Sad day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Home (for the next four months)!

We arrived here in Lamar on Friday, but our lives have been a little crazy and this is the first opportunity I have gotten to even look at my blog, much less post. Unpacking has gone very slowly and Daphne has not been feeling well. She got a pretty high fever when we got here and wanted to be held, only by me, constantly. She is better now. I think she is majorly teething right now. She didn't seem to have any problems when her two bottom teeth came in, but these top teeth seem to be a little tougher on her. She is tired a lot more now too. Her little tired eyes are so sad, and it kills me to see them. She goes down like a dream though. When here tired eyes appear I lay her down and she turns to her side and goes right to sleep. Have I mentioned I have the easiest baby in the world!?!

 I know some were shocked to find out that we went on a little trip to D.C. on our way home, but is was just as big of a shock to me. I am going to start working on recording our adventures there and hopefully you will have a post with tons of pictures soon. Until then....

Monday, April 9, 2012

To Lisa's house we go!

When we were heading to Florida for the second time I knew this time I had to see my dear friend Lisa. She was one of my best girlfriends from high school and we have been close to seeing her multiple times but it never worked out. This time I would MAKE it happen. So on our way home we headed to Augusta, Ga. It was a very long drive and the whole time I was rushing to get there. I admit I sped most of the way. Johnny drove for about an hour of the ten hour drive. I kept looking at the speedometer thinking, "your not driving fast enough"! When we got there I rang the door bell and I heard a gleeful shriek and then saw my friend running to the door and then there were two shrieking girls jumping up and down hugging each other and it was like we had never been apart and we were back in high school, but it was better because we weren't! We spent our whole time just talking and taking care of our kiddos. It was so great to see her and meet her kids. I have really missed her over the years.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Leaving again.

You think after all the times I have had to pack up and move in the last couple of years that I would be used to it, but I'm not. I hate having to leave new friends behind. I really am going to miss Brielle. She and I hit it off and have had so many fun days sewing, swimming and just talking. I wish I could fit all my friends I've made in my suitcase and bring them right along with me where ever I go, but I can't. Sometimes I think it would be better to just not make friends when I know I'm going to be leaving, but I'm to social of a being to not make friends  where ever I'm at. Oh well, I guess that is what Blogs and Facebook are for right!?!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love of my life, the other one.

Do you ever have an overwhelming feeling of love? Yesterday I was giving Daphne a bath and she was kicking and splashing and she looked up at me with those huge blue eyes and my heart melted. I couldn't help but cry. I was just filled with a warm mushy feeling. I just LOVED her! Thank goodness for those sweet moments, because you have to remind yourself of those moments on days like today when your little one is just whinny and all around driving you crazy. The end.