Sunday, April 22, 2012

Riding in cars with boys... I mean boy.

Tanner made Daphne a little "car" to play in. She seems to like it especially when he plays with her. The first part of the video is him pushing her in it and the second is of him pretending to be a dog. He seemed to like both of them a lot. 

Today is Daphne's NINE month birthday! She is so big. She is just full of love. She loves to play. She loves to eat. She loves me and her daddy. She loves watching cats. She loves to brush her teeth. She loves her family. She loves to scoot backward, but not forward.
She does not love getting her face wiped, or people looking at her teeth. She hates me to leave the room. She hates having  fever. She hates poopy diapers.


  1. She's precious! Cherish it while you can, 9 months is a great age and the time goes by quickly. Your brother and I can hardly believe that Felicity is already six, it seems like only yesterday she was 9 months. Now she's getting ready to graduate from kindergarten, in two more years she'll be baptized, and in only six more years will be starting young women's. The time just slips by, so really soak it up and take a ton of pictures and write in a baby book or journal for her!

  2. oh i love her laugh. she is edible!