Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Washington D.C. Day 2

I have to say our second day was so much longer than the first day. We also had a couple of moment where we lost each other, but we had such a wonderful time. 

We wanted to get the museums in first so then we could take our time and enjoy the monuments. On our walk to the Art museum we took a detour through a sculpture garden. We spent a lot more time in the art museum than we thought we would. Johnny was more interested in the art than I thought he would be and we lost each other for the first time of the day. 

The Natural History Museum was just a quick stop. Johnny just wanted to check it out and we decided it would have been a lot more interesting if we were about 15 years younger.

Next we headed across the mall to take the metro under the river to Arlington.

After a long morning of walking we decided to shell out the money to take the bus tour through the Cemetery, and let me just say so worth it!Walking up those hills would not have been fun and we got to see everything in about and hour.

We got to see the changing of the guards. They do it every half hour and we got there at the five o'clock switch so we also got to see them take down and fold the flag.

After the tour of Arlington we decided to walk across the bridge. It didn't look that far, but let me just say I DO NOT advise walking from Arlington to Jefferson. It was a beautiful, but horrible walk. I wanted to die. Plus we hadn't eaten all day so I was starving. 

As we walked back towards the mall we stopped at the Roosevelt Monument. By this time the sun was going down and it was freezing cold and Daphne was hungry so I stopped and she ate while we both warmed up in the gift shop. We got split up again. I didn't communicate my plans to Johnny so he thought I had gone ahead to the Lincoln Memorial. He stopped by at the Martin Luther King Memorial.

I ran to the Lincoln Monument as fast as a I could. It was beautiful at night.

As was the view from it.


We did a quick stop by Vietnam Memorial... 

and the WWII. 

I was so exhuasted and hungry by this time I was done, but we still had to walk all the way to the Metro. On the way we saw glimpses of the White House and e went right under the Washington Monument. 
I was so happy to get some food and get back to the hotel. 

All and all it was great trip. It was a nice break from the drive and from Med school. 


  1. We visited DC during the winter but and had so much fun but I must say your pictures during spring look much nicer! Looks like a great trip!

  2. We're very different! I could care less about the art museums, having a bio degree and an anthropology minor means I'm the type of person that could spend all day in the natural history museum. Great pictures!

  3. I love this! The Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden is one of my favorite things in D.C., I love that you got to see that! So glad you had a fun time!