Sunday, August 24, 2014

One year down, a life time to go!

Monday had some ups and downs. Quentin was a little fussy all day and I had had a feeling all weekend that he was getting an ear ache so Johnny got off work a little early and took him to the doctors. He did have an ear ache so we went back out to get his medicine, do a little shopping and Johnny took us to dinner. 
Tuesday Johnny had a delivery and so he didn't come home all day. I HATE the days he doesn't come home and so the rest of the week wasn't looking good in that respect because he was heading out on a work trip Thursday and Friday. The one upside of that is that we got the car for two days. So Thursday we took Johnny to the hospital at 5am. I didn't want to start our day that early so when we got home we I put us all back to bed and we all ended up sleeping in and it was great! When we got up we got ready and went to the mall. One of our friends just happened to be there too so Daphne had a little friend to play with and I got to talk with a new friend. After some errands we headed home for naps. Our timing for our day was pretty off because of sleeping in so Quen got up pretty late. I started dinner and then realized I had a get together to go to in 10 min. So I scrambled and got shoes on and kids loaded in the car in a flash. Turned out the host had pushed the party back by a half hour so we were early. It was a Mary Kay Party and we had a great time. 
Friday we had Mindy and the kids over. We had a fun time with them. Daphne always love friends to come over. She loves being a little hostess. After naps we went and did our grocery shopping so we could spend every minute over the weekend with Daddy. 
Saturday we spent playing games and just relaxing. Sunday was Quentin's big day. One year old. I can't believe it. He is the sweets thing ever and we love everything about him. He is cruising now. He loves following his sister everywhere she goes.  

We didn't do anything to big for his birthday just gave him his gifts and I made him a special popcorn treat. He loved his cars and his ball. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to Life

This week I tried to get life back to normal after our week with our guests. That basically means cleaning up. I also spent a lot of time outside planting grass in our not so grassy patches. It was a good work out doing all the yard work. We spent time playing and reading books. We also worked really hard on potty training and I'm happy to say she is doing really well. she will even stop and go potty when she is playing with friends, which is a really big step.
On Thursday we went out to the mall. Daphne had been asking if we could go for awhile so I decided to take her. We had a great time getting out of the house we did it again on Friday. We went to the library to meet so friends. We also got a library card and Daphne was so excited to get to bring home some books. 

Johnny had a 16 hour shift on Saturday so we were home all day. Sunday was my first time teaching my new primary class. There ended up being 10 kids so it was a little crazy, but it went well. I was pretty nervous about it, but I have a little more confidence now so I hope It will continue to go well.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Expected Guest

Joey came to visit us an his way to Myrtle Beach. He just got a teaching job there and we are so excited for him and his new adventure. We were even more excited that he decided to stop by and spend part of the week with us. He arrived Monday afternoon and helped me clean up the house. We had the missionaries for dinner. They were a little surprised to see Joey here again. When they left and put the kids down we settled down for a night of, what else, games! 

Tuesday we went to Adventure Land and we had an awesome time! It was so nice to get to play and go on rides. Daphne did have accidents and I forgot my swim suit, but other than that it was a perfect day. Joey took the kids for an hour so Johnny and I got to go and do what we wanted and it was nice to get to go on rides together. 
Johnny didn't have Wednesday off so we just hung around the house. I was planning on a walk to the park, but it was raining. Joey went out and got a hair cut while we did our normal thing. When he got back we did lunch and then put the kids to bed. Joey and I played games and had a really great talk about life. I think we both needed it. 
Thursday we took Joey to try Zombie Burger. I think he liked it, but he couldn't finish his burger. None of us could actually. This time we all got some intense ones and we couldn't handle it. They were all tasty, just to heavy. Afterward we headed to the State Fair to walk it off. We had a fun time walking around and looking at everything. We all eventually got hungry again and had to get some fair food. We were all pretty pooped by the time we got home, but made some time for a couple of game because we joey would leave in the morning. We always have a great time with him. 
Friday Johnny saw him off while the rest of us slept in. Quen ended up sleeping most of the day. Saturday was pretty much the same. We all relaxed and hung out. Johnny's friend Brian did stop by. He was headed home to Chicago from a Residency Program Conference. It was good to see him and Johnny got to help him out a little bit.
Today I got set apart in my new calling. I am a primary teacher for the CTR 6. I got to go sit in with them today and I think it will be a good class. Johnny got a calling as well, but won't be set apart until next week. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Growing Crops

Monday we headed out on a walk and came across a little park. Daphne was so happy. It has a playground, tennis and basketball courts, an open field and a wading pool. After playing for a little we headed back home with a promise to return the next day. 

We did just that but this time we wore our suits! The kids loved playing and splashing and I even sat in it and cooled off.

Wednesday we took Johnny to work so we could take the car to get looked at. On the way to the mechanic the car stalled and would not start again even after some very nice guys stopped to jump it. Our alternator we JUST replaced was shot as well as the battery. Getting it fixed took all day. The kids were so good and very patient which I really appreciated since I was so stressed.

Thursday morning the kids played in the pool so I could work in the yard a little. We love having a backyard to play in. 

I forgot to mention Quentin turned 11 months last week. He is not very big. He is still wearing 6 month clothes. But he is developing. He has started to pull himself up on stuff and he will walk if you hold him up. He is still the happiest baby. He smiles at any and everybody. He is a bottomless pit when he eats, but is a little picky about food. He LOVES that he can get around himself now. I love to hear his little hands and knees charge down the hall in search of a toy or after his sister. We love everything about him!