Sunday, August 3, 2014

Growing Crops

Monday we headed out on a walk and came across a little park. Daphne was so happy. It has a playground, tennis and basketball courts, an open field and a wading pool. After playing for a little we headed back home with a promise to return the next day. 

We did just that but this time we wore our suits! The kids loved playing and splashing and I even sat in it and cooled off.

Wednesday we took Johnny to work so we could take the car to get looked at. On the way to the mechanic the car stalled and would not start again even after some very nice guys stopped to jump it. Our alternator we JUST replaced was shot as well as the battery. Getting it fixed took all day. The kids were so good and very patient which I really appreciated since I was so stressed.

Thursday morning the kids played in the pool so I could work in the yard a little. We love having a backyard to play in. 

I forgot to mention Quentin turned 11 months last week. He is not very big. He is still wearing 6 month clothes. But he is developing. He has started to pull himself up on stuff and he will walk if you hold him up. He is still the happiest baby. He smiles at any and everybody. He is a bottomless pit when he eats, but is a little picky about food. He LOVES that he can get around himself now. I love to hear his little hands and knees charge down the hall in search of a toy or after his sister. We love everything about him!

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