Sunday, August 24, 2014

One year down, a life time to go!

Monday had some ups and downs. Quentin was a little fussy all day and I had had a feeling all weekend that he was getting an ear ache so Johnny got off work a little early and took him to the doctors. He did have an ear ache so we went back out to get his medicine, do a little shopping and Johnny took us to dinner. 
Tuesday Johnny had a delivery and so he didn't come home all day. I HATE the days he doesn't come home and so the rest of the week wasn't looking good in that respect because he was heading out on a work trip Thursday and Friday. The one upside of that is that we got the car for two days. So Thursday we took Johnny to the hospital at 5am. I didn't want to start our day that early so when we got home we I put us all back to bed and we all ended up sleeping in and it was great! When we got up we got ready and went to the mall. One of our friends just happened to be there too so Daphne had a little friend to play with and I got to talk with a new friend. After some errands we headed home for naps. Our timing for our day was pretty off because of sleeping in so Quen got up pretty late. I started dinner and then realized I had a get together to go to in 10 min. So I scrambled and got shoes on and kids loaded in the car in a flash. Turned out the host had pushed the party back by a half hour so we were early. It was a Mary Kay Party and we had a great time. 
Friday we had Mindy and the kids over. We had a fun time with them. Daphne always love friends to come over. She loves being a little hostess. After naps we went and did our grocery shopping so we could spend every minute over the weekend with Daddy. 
Saturday we spent playing games and just relaxing. Sunday was Quentin's big day. One year old. I can't believe it. He is the sweets thing ever and we love everything about him. He is cruising now. He loves following his sister everywhere she goes.  

We didn't do anything to big for his birthday just gave him his gifts and I made him a special popcorn treat. He loved his cars and his ball. 

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