Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to Life

This week I tried to get life back to normal after our week with our guests. That basically means cleaning up. I also spent a lot of time outside planting grass in our not so grassy patches. It was a good work out doing all the yard work. We spent time playing and reading books. We also worked really hard on potty training and I'm happy to say she is doing really well. she will even stop and go potty when she is playing with friends, which is a really big step.
On Thursday we went out to the mall. Daphne had been asking if we could go for awhile so I decided to take her. We had a great time getting out of the house we did it again on Friday. We went to the library to meet so friends. We also got a library card and Daphne was so excited to get to bring home some books. 

Johnny had a 16 hour shift on Saturday so we were home all day. Sunday was my first time teaching my new primary class. There ended up being 10 kids so it was a little crazy, but it went well. I was pretty nervous about it, but I have a little more confidence now so I hope It will continue to go well.

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