Monday, December 30, 2013

I LOVE Christmas!!!

We had the best week (and a half)! It started Friday morning picking up Joey. We always have such a great time with him. He was a surprise for Daphne and she was...but not as surprised as Johnny was when he saw his dad sitting in our car when we picked him up from school! Joey, Mary and I did quite a bit of scheming to get him here with out Johnny knowing, but it was so worth it. 

The kids had such a great time with Papa and Uncle Joe! Saturday we went to D.C. to be tour guides. We started our very early morning at the White House. I was pretty excited about this. Its one of the things on my bucket list to visit the White House at Christmas and thanks to Joey we got to. John didn't get to see it because we didn't submit his name in time. 

It was so pretty especially with all the decorations, but a lot smaller than I thought it would be. We got to take pictures too, which is normally not allowed. The rest of the day was spent going to the typical places. We were all pooped by the end of the day.

Sunday was the main event! We blessed Quentin. I actually heard what Johnny said this time and it was so great to have family there.

We were all sad when John had to leave Monday. I think he was the most sad though. I know it was the best Christmas gift we could give him, to see his grand kids and to get to help bless his first grandson. On our way back from the airport we stopped at the temple to see the lights. It was beautiful and I loved getting to see the nativity scenes from around the world. 

The rest of the week we spent playing games and hanging out. Christmas day was full of fun. Daphne loved her gifts and I think Joey and I both felt spoiled. Johnny is such a giver. He loves to give gifts! 

It was a sad day when Joey left too. We went and met Lindsay (Joey's girlfriend) down in Richmond. We had lunch with her and then it was time to say goodbye. Daphne cried for a good ten minutes. She kept saying she wanted to see "Joey and Lindsay NOW". It broke my mommy heart. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Little Projects

So I have been doing a few little projects to keep myself busy and thrifty.  Besides the ones here I finally stitched Quentin's name into his quilt. 
I found this awesome wrapping paper at Target and was so sad when I ran out of it when I was wrapping gifts. I had a few scraps so decided to.....

.....make some ornaments with them. I just started collecting lids from jars and cover those with the paper. I think they are cute and have helped to round out our tree. I get so excited when we finish a jar of something because it means I get to add another ornament to our tree.

 I also made salt dough ornaments. I should have thought this one through a little more. Once I rolled out the dough I realized I didn't have anything to cut them out with. (I have cookie cutters, but they are some where in a box in help here.) So I used a knife. My stars turned out a little wonky, but you can't really tell on the tree. Maybe next year I will toss these out and make new ones. I also made one for Daphne to paint, and one for Quentin's foot and one for Johnny and I to decorate.

My big project was this changing table. I found it outside our apartment in a pile of dressers and book shelves that looked pretty "used", but the table was redeemable. The top was coming off one of the legs so I glued that. Then after a little spray paint and some fabric it turned out like this...

I'm pretty happy with the result. I think the total cost was about $20. So worth it! I can't believe how nice it is not to have to get down on the ground to change the kiddos little bums. I am also using it for toy storage. Daphne's toys are no longer sprawled all over the floor in her room. They are nicely tucked away on her shelves. Win Win!

Friday, December 6, 2013 a week.

We had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you did too. Johnny was done on Tuesday so we got a really long weekend with him, which is always fun. I spent all day on Wednesday prepping for the big turkey day. I like doing this because it makes Thursday so much easier and I get to enjoy spending the time with my family instead of in the kitchen. I didn't do all homemade stuff this year though most of it was. We had a TON of food leftover, but that is fine by me. We made our thankful hands on Wednesday as well. We started this little tradition in Dominica with my good friends Katie and Clair. I loved doing it, so we have kept it going.  Thursday I got up and made breakfast and then got the turkey in. We all sat and watched the parade together. I missed Santa because I was started cooking, but that is okay. We ate early so we could get to talk to family and then go out for "Black Friday"(which for some reason starts on Thursday now!) We didn't get much, but we got a couple good deals. 
Friday I usually put up the tree and decorate, but we didn't have a tree yet so we went out to the mall and walked around. Saturday I was a busy girl. I went out to go get a tree and then I had a practice for singing. I also had to go shopping. When I got home we cleaned up the house. I put up the tree and then we waited for our guest to arrive. 

 One of Johnny's classmates, Bryan, is staying with us for two weeks while he does a short rotation here. It has been fun for me because he has taken Johnny to work with him so I have had the car and been able to go out. I took the kids out one day to just walk around at stores and it was so nice. It was my first time being out just me and the two kids and I'm proud to say a survived. We also went to the Lego store for their Free Build. Fun times!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Three months of perfection!

I can't believe our little man has been here three months! I love every minute of it. He is sheer perfection! He is starting to grab at things and trying to wiggle somewhere. I don't think it will be to long before his is scooting around the house. He loves to be played with and if you smile at him he always has a big smile waiting for you in return. My little heart melted the other day when Daphne said he was her best friend. He loves to watch her and you can tell he can't wait until he can run around and dance with her. He is a little talker and always seems to be making noise and kicking his little legs. He has the most perfect face and his hair is starting to get to long. He may have to get a hair cut before his sister does. We love every piece of him. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

To much fun to handle!

So I have so much to talk about because we have been so busy and I haven't posted in forever! We have had my sister to visit, Quen turned two months, we celebrated Halloween, and we went on a big road trip for a couple of Johnny's interviews. So you can see that we were busy. Lets start with my sisters visit. 

This was something I was SO excited for. It had bet to long since it was just the two of us and back then we didn't get along as well as we do now. We had a time from the moment she stepped off the plane. We spent our first two days walking the D.C. Mall. We went to the Capital, the Archives, Library of Congress, Fords Theater, Arlington and all the Monuments. Even though it was a ton of walking we had a great time taking all the history and all the gelato. Saturday morning we did a session at the temple that was perfect. We were starving by the time we were done so we went out for a big lunch and a little shopping. Sunday she helped me sing at our stake conference. We got home and decided to take one more trip down to D.C. to see the Holocaust Museum. It was a great exhibit even if it was a depressing one. We didn't have anything planned for Monday and ended up driving the short distance to Gettysburg. I felt chills looking up towards Little Round Top and thinking of the men charging and the men defending that little hill. Tuesday was the sad day of her departure, but we did take a little trip to the bay to walk the beach before she left. All in all it was a perfect visit! I can't wait for our next encounter!!!

Now on to my sweet baby. I can't believe how big he is getting! He is wearing 3 month clothes already. He is so sweet and happy. I love every minute of him. I feel like I could never get enough of his face. 

Halloween gets better every year. Some things are just better as a parent. Daphne loved it! We carved pumpkins before Rachel's visit. They were very rotten before Halloween arrived. The ward had a party that was great; great chili, great treats, great fun. On Halloween night we did our tradition and dressed up and when to Chipolte for $3 burritos! Then it was off to trick-or-treat. We went to a person's house that is in the ward to meet everyone and all go out together. It was a really good neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Daphne got tons of loot. We will be eating it for awhile.

Our little interview trip was so awesome. I like to be able to go with Johnny on his trips. I get to see our options for the future and I get to get out of the house for a couple of days. This trip we had two interviews. One in Saginaw, MI and the other in Cleveland, OH. Both would be fine options for us even with the cold weather. 
The kids and I had lots of fun while Johnny was at the interviews. In Saginaw we spent our day with the Walpole's, our good friends from Dominica. We went to a story time at the library and then to the children's museum there. After picking Johnny up we met back at the Walpole's because we were going to stay the night there. We got together with a whole bunch of people from the island and it was the highlight of the trip! It was so good to catch up with friends that were our family while we were on the island. Everyone looked so good and sounded like life was going well for everyone. We stayed up way to late that night talking with the Walpole's (we tend to do that with them). Saturday we woke up to a great pancake breakfast and then it was off to Kirtland. We got in a little later than we wanted so we didn't get to see the temple, but we went to the LDS Visitors center and the buildings they have there. Sunday we Went and did the tour of the Temple and it was really nice. I had been before, but they have changed things since then. Monday was the interview in Cleveland so while Johnny did that the kids and I swam and then had lunch at McDonalds while Daphne played. We headed straight home after picking Johnny up. We got home and we were all pretty tired. Its been a week since we got back and we haven't done anything at all. I'm getting excited for the holidays. We are going to have Joey here for Christmas again and its always fun to have him. 

To much fun to handle! (Pictures)

Sorry, these are very out of order!

Cinderella and her Prince

Me and Katie!!!

All the Dominica Kids! They belong to us, Jamie, Holly, Crystal, and Ann.

Daphne had a ball playing with Hayden!

Pioneer Children at the Temple VC.

Two Months

Me and the Sister at Arlington


Monday, October 7, 2013


This last week was spent getting ready for and going on our big trip to Johnny's interview in Tennessee. The trip started 3am on Thursday morning. We had everything packed the night before and after feeding Quentin we pack up the kids and headed out. We made really good time and were in Jackson by 6pm. We went for a little swim and then went out for dinner. After 13plus hours in the car we were all tired so we went to bed really early for us. The next morning after dropping Johnny off for the interview we checked out of the hotel and headed out to check out the city we may be calling home. I liked it well enough. It is the perfect size, not to big, not to small and there are nice neighborhoods to live. There is lots of shopping and the Seattle Mariners farm league is located in town. It wasn't as pretty as the Eastern part of the state, but still beautiful. Johnny got done about three so we picked him up and started heading home. He said he liked the program and the director and residents were nice. The interviews were not what he expected, but thought they went well. We only got a few hour out before we decided to stop and get dinner and a hotel. The next day was spent driving and driving and driving. The way home always seems longer than the way there, but we made it. The only bummer about the trip was we missed conference on Saturday and then Sunday our Internet kept giving out so we missed President Monsons talk. The rest was great though and I can't wait to read over them in the coming months.

Happy birthday to me, I'm so happy!

So I am now 26 years old, WOW. Time flies, I still feel like I'm 16, but I'm so glad I'm not. 26 is way better. The best birthday gift I got was 4 weeks of my best friend having no rotations! That's right I get him for a whole month! The second best is my big sis is coming to visit! We didn't do much. We went to the library and out shopping then came home and I made dinner and some birthday cookies. I got to talk to family which is always a treat. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Man is a month old!

How handsome
 is that face?

I can not believe how fast time has gone by and how big this little guy is getting. He is the perfect addition to our family and it feels like he has always been a part of it. His short life has been full of adventure. He has lived in two states, been on an airplane and visited our nations capitol. He is so sweet and a BIG 
mama's boy, which I love. He loves to be held, which I also love. He can already roll over like a pro and lifts his head pretty well. He is an okay eater and sleeper. I wish I had stats of his weight and height, but we haven't been to the doctor yet. Daphne loves having a baby brother and is so great with him. I think all second time moms worry about how having another baby will affect the first, but she has taken it in stride. I love being their Mommy and feel so blessed that they are mine.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back to Business

This week has been pretty good. I feel we are finally settled except our lack of a dinning table and chairs. The kids and I have been getting used to our new surroundings. We love having a playground in the complex and spent a couple mornings playing there. I have spent a bit of time at the leasing office making sure everything is finalized and to our liking. I had to ask for a new oven twice. the first one we had didn't work at all and the second was very old and pretty dirty. Friday we finally got a brand new stove and it works great! I've also spent a lot of time grocery shopping. I feel like I have gone to the grocery store every other day to get stocked up on things. Wednesday Johnny had the day off which was nice and we went to the playground with him. Yesterday we participated in a Day of Service. We went to a park with our stake and picked up trash. It was a great way to teach Daphne about how we give service to others. She was a lookout for trash and did great. 

I asked for a smile, this is what I got.
Last Sunday Johnny sent in his applications for residency programs. He already has one scheduled in Tennessee. I am so proud of him. Please pray for lots more. We are trying to decide if we will all drive out or if he will fly out by himself. Its a long drive, but it would save us $100. At this point its a toss up so we may or may not be going on a trip next weekend

Nine days with Nana

We are so glad Johnny's mom got to come see us and help with the big move. We all went to the airport to pick her up which was fun because she was only expecting Johnny. She was happy to see the kiddos. I spent the next couple days packing and cleaning while she watched the kids. It was a big help.  Johnny left on Saturday for Maryland. This left us without a car or much to do for a couple days. We kept ourselves busy with crappy tv and playing with kiddos. We also had one last playgroup with the girls. It was so good to get to see everyone and say goodbye before we left. Mary the kids and I flew up on Monday. I would not have been able to do the airport without her. Especially with all the luggage and car seats and stroller. When we got to Maryland I was so exhausted so we went out for dinner. I was a little nervous to see our apartment because Johnny didn't give it a good review but I was happy when we got here. It's not perfect, but it will definitely do for the next few months. The next couple of days were the same as the first, but instead of packing I was unpacking.
On Thursday we took a break from getting the house organized and went into D.C. to sight see. Johnny wanted us to go to the things Mary didn't see on their family vacation a few years back. We took the tour of Ford's Theater, went to the Art Museum, The Library of Congress, The National Archives, and the Museum of Natural History. By this time Mary and I were pretty pooped so we grabbed some Subway and then just drove around to see the monuments. There is always so much to see and it is impossible to see everything in one day. I'm excited to be able to live so close so we can take our time and experience some of the things more thoroughly.
We rested on Friday and Saturday we went to the airport to drop Nana off. Daphne was not very happy when Nana left. She loved having her here to play with and spoil her. I hope Mary had a little fun in between "sleeping" on the floor and the packing. I think she did.

I don't know why but we really didn't get any pics while she was here. I guess I was busy doing other things.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rolling over

At three weeks and two days my baby rolled over from belly to back. Johnny told me he did it twice. I didn't believe it so he put him on his belly again and he did it a third time. Can't believe it. 

I will update you guys on our move and Nana's visit.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Living the good life

I feel so lucky right now. I have the two best kids in the world. Daphne is doing so well adjusting to having another kid in the house and sharing mommy. Quentin is just perfect and is giving me plenty of sleeping time. It has been pretty stressful around here because of this move. I have been going crazy trying to get our apartment situation figured out and figure out packing and these two kids have been so good I can't believe it. I know The Lord is blessing me at this time and I thank Him and all of you that have been His instruments. Thanks to all the friends that have visited and brought meals and thanks to our parents for all you have done for us. I don't know how sane I would be without you right now.

On Wednesday Quentin had his first doctor appointment. He is growing way to fast. He gained an inch ( he is now 20) and the scale said 8lbs 3oz, but I don't think that is accurate because they didn't take his full diaper off. He got a clean bill of  health, which was very relieving after Daphne's first experience with a doctor. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Arrival of Baby Quentin

 Lets just say this has been a long time coming. We have been anxiously waiting for this little boy ever since our little scare last month. We had 4 total hospital visits because I kept going into labor. But Saturday he finally arrived. 

Quentin Drake
7.15 lbs. 19'
Born 8-24-13 at 6:01 am

Friday I was having contractions all day. Around 3pm they started being a little more consistent. I wanted to make sure this time was it was the real thing so even though the contractions were 3-5 min. apart we waited a couple hours before we called the doctor. I made dinner and packed things up for the hospital and tried to prepare myself that I might not get to stay. The doctor did say at my last appointment that I was at 5cm, but I had regressed before so I didn't want to get my hopes up. So after we ate we headed down to the hospital. Johnny dropped me off so he could watch Daphne while I got checked in and then got checked. When the doctor checked me I was 6-7cm. He told me I was staying and would be having a baby! I was so excited. Johnny dropped Daphne of at the babysitters and headed over. I was hoping that I would progress quickly, but I didn't. My contractions even slowed down during the night. I was so disappointed, because they sent me home the last time because my contractions had slowed down. The doctor came in at about 4:30am and I was sure it was to tell me to head home, especially since I hadn't dilated anymore, but to my shock and relief she decided to break my water to see if we could get things did they move. The next few contractions were not to bad. (TMI warning) I started feeling like I needed to go #2 so I went to the bathroom. When I got on the toilet the contractions stepped things up a few notches. I kept thinking I was crazy for not getting the epidural and couldn't remember why I had chosen to forgo it (fyi I hated the Epi with Daphne.) I called the nurses for some help because I had made a pretty big mess in the bathroom. When they came in they told me I needed to get back in bed cause they didn't want me delivering in the toilet so I walked very slowly and painfully back to bed. They checked me and they said I was at 8cm. I felt like I needed to push. In fact I had to do everything in my power not to push. They kept saying I was bearing down, but they kept telling me to try not to push because my cervix was still in the way. The hardest part of the delivery was trying not to push. They checked me again while I was contracting and said I was at 9cm and they called the doctor right away. When Doctor Reynolds got there she checked me and said it was okay to push whenever I felt the need. Pushing was hard at first. They really weren't coaching me as much as I thought they would. Once they did start coaching things went really fast. I think it took about three sets of contractions for me to push him out. He was born at 6:01am.  His cord was around his neck so Johnny didn't get to cut the cord or anything. They put him straight in my arms and he was perfect. He was so quiet and calm. I got to have a whole hour with him skin to skin before they took him to get him cleaned. I loved every minute. I could tell Johnny couldn't wait to get to hold him. He helped get him weighed and with his bath. And then it was Daddy's turn. You could tell he was smitten. 

While we were waiting to get transferred to my recovery room we talked about what to name him. That was the one thing we didn't' have ready. We discussed doing John Edgar III, but neither of us felt it was right. Then we discussed the two names we had been fight over. I wanted him to be named "Quentin Abel" and Johnny wanted him to be "Drake". We decided to combine them since both of us were pretty set with our names. 

My recovery was so much better this time. With Daphne it took me a day and a half to get out of bed and this time I was up walking around right after. The hospital stay was nice. I had great nurses. I wanted to come home sooner than I did to be with my whole family, but I'm glad for the rest. The first night was hard because he didn't take to breastfeeding as well as Daphne, but we have got the hang of it now and I am feeling really good and getting a good amount of sleep. I hope it keeps up too cause I have a lot to get done before our move.

 I really was anxious for Daphne to come meet her brother. She was so sweet with him, but not so much with me. She pretty much didn't want to have anything to do with me until the next day.  I know it is a hard time for older siblings, but she has fallen in pretty gracefully. The fist thing she says in the morning is "where baby?" Its so sweet. Its hard to get her to listen to me when I have to feed him and she is always messing with his swing, but other than that she is being pretty normal. I know I'm really lucky. I have been so scared about what I'm going to do with two babies, but it is going really well so far. 

On other news we are moving to Maryland a lot sooner than planned. We were hoping to get to stay here in Atlanta until the end of October, but now we are moving the 7th of September. Well Johnny is going on the 7th in the car with all our stuff and we will follow on the 9th by plane. I'm so glad Mary is coming to help us with the move because I don't know how we would do it if she didn't. I'm getting really sad to leave here, but I know we have to do it. I love it here and I love the friends I've made and I will miss them badly. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daphne is 2!!!


 Monday was Daphne's big day. She is officially 2! We didn't do much until Johnny got home from school. When he did we opened her present, a little doctors kit, which she loves. We made her chicken and veggie kebabs for dinner which may turn out to be a tradition. Daddy then made her birthday cookies. We talked to grandparents and it was a great day.

Tuesday morning was the big party day! We got up early and johnny dropped me off at the splash pad so I could decorate and he and Daphne wen to get the pizza, veggies and ice. They got there right on time for the party to start. I know she had so much fun, which is what I wanted. All her friends came and she loved giving out the "goodie bags" to each of them. They played and ate and had a great time!


I love my little girl and am so proud of how she is growing. She is so smart and so sweet (most of the time) and I can't wait to watch her grow into a beautiful woman. I hope to be a good example of that to her. Love you baby!