Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nine days with Nana

We are so glad Johnny's mom got to come see us and help with the big move. We all went to the airport to pick her up which was fun because she was only expecting Johnny. She was happy to see the kiddos. I spent the next couple days packing and cleaning while she watched the kids. It was a big help.  Johnny left on Saturday for Maryland. This left us without a car or much to do for a couple days. We kept ourselves busy with crappy tv and playing with kiddos. We also had one last playgroup with the girls. It was so good to get to see everyone and say goodbye before we left. Mary the kids and I flew up on Monday. I would not have been able to do the airport without her. Especially with all the luggage and car seats and stroller. When we got to Maryland I was so exhausted so we went out for dinner. I was a little nervous to see our apartment because Johnny didn't give it a good review but I was happy when we got here. It's not perfect, but it will definitely do for the next few months. The next couple of days were the same as the first, but instead of packing I was unpacking.
On Thursday we took a break from getting the house organized and went into D.C. to sight see. Johnny wanted us to go to the things Mary didn't see on their family vacation a few years back. We took the tour of Ford's Theater, went to the Art Museum, The Library of Congress, The National Archives, and the Museum of Natural History. By this time Mary and I were pretty pooped so we grabbed some Subway and then just drove around to see the monuments. There is always so much to see and it is impossible to see everything in one day. I'm excited to be able to live so close so we can take our time and experience some of the things more thoroughly.
We rested on Friday and Saturday we went to the airport to drop Nana off. Daphne was not very happy when Nana left. She loved having her here to play with and spoil her. I hope Mary had a little fun in between "sleeping" on the floor and the packing. I think she did.

I don't know why but we really didn't get any pics while she was here. I guess I was busy doing other things.

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