Sunday, November 30, 2014


Well all week led up to the big Turkey Day! I hadn't been excited about it this year for some reason. I think it was our trip to Minneapolis started our Christmas season early. But over the weekend we invited our friends the Harts for dinner so I was a little more excited then. I love hosting things for people! So I woke up and made monkey bread, shoveled snow, and put the parade on for the kids. Friends came over at noon and the kids were having crazy fun. The turkey took longer than anticipated, but it was so worth it! BEST TURKEY I EVER MADE! 

We had a great time with them and Daphne was sad to see her friends go. We talked to family on skype and then it was off to the races. I "love" our tradition of Black Friday shopping. We got to Wal-mart right at six and the WHOLE parking lot was full we had to park across the street. Let me just say it was crazy in there. We also headed to Target which was much less crazy.

Dressing up the house happened over the whole week. I did the outside of the house all by myself! both trees turned out good too. 

I am so excited for the Christmas season! So many things to look forward too! Lots of parties and visitors and a trip to AZ!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Helpful Friends

This week was a normal one. We spent a lot of time hanging out, doing school, trying to keep warm. We had a visit from my visiting teachers on Tuesday. I love that one of them is my good friend Mindy. She has three little girls and Daphne adores them. She loves when they come to play. I told them about needing to get some things done around the house, but not having the required tools. The most pressing being our bathroom door. So Mindy, the kids and her husband, Steve, came over yesterday to help us. It was great fun and we got the door back up so win win!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Sunday night it was looking like we weren't going to go on our little mini vacation. There was going to be a big snow storms in the area so it looked like a no go. We woke up in the morning and Johnny checked the weather and the traffic. It had snowed in Minneapolis, but not much and the roads looked good. So we decided we would chance it. We got in and we went out to eat Indian food. We don't have it very often, but I always enjoy it. Then it was off to the hotel to swim. This is what Daphne was asking to do ALL DAY. We had a great time. Daphne loves to swim and Quentin had a good time too. That first night was rough. We are all used to our own space and sleeping in the same room was not fun. 
We ate, got ready and then headed out to the Mall Of America. We walked around for a minute, but then we came to the rotunda and it looked like something for toddlers was about to start, so we decided to check it out. They were doing Dancercise and I thought Daphne would love it so Daddy and Quen headed to Barnes and Noble and Daphne and I stayed for Dancercise. She had a great time! So I'm glad we happened to find it right on time. 
We walked and walked and walked. It was an awesome Mall. It was four stories and each story was about a mile walk. In the middle there is a small amusement park. I wish we had the extra money to get to do some rides, but we had to pass on them. We didn't have any problem filling the time until Santa came though. There were so many stores!
I'm glad it worked out that the day we were going to be there was the day Santa was arriving at the mall. I think it is pretty ridiculous he comes so early, but it was cool for us. They had a live band playing Christmas songs and dancers. They passed out cookies and milk as well and jingle bracelets and decorative sun glasses. Then the Big Man arrived. He came over to say hi to Daphne and she ran away from him. She has always been wary of dressed up characters. We went and got pictures on his lap and then our day was over.

We got a much better nights sleep that night since we were all exhausted. We got up and took our time getting home. We stopped at a couple stores. After the Santa arrival we were all in a Christmasy mood. So we got a couple gifts and listened to Christmas music on the way home.
Friday we had one of Johnny's co-workers, Elizabeth, over for dinner. She was very sweet and indulged us in a game of Clue. Johnny's back to work with no breaks for awhile. So me and the kids are going to get back to our normal routine.   

Sunday, November 9, 2014


This week seemed long because all week I was just waiting for the weekend. Not a ususal pastime of mine, but I knew once Johnny got home on Friday he would be all mine for almost a week. So I couldn't wait!
I have started doing preschool with Daphne. She isn't to happy about it and I have to say its not my favorite part of the day, but she is so smart and I want her to succeed. Monday we had a repairman at our house. Our heater was not working which is not a good thing here in Iowa. He could not figure out what was wrong with it, which was making me nervous because my thought was that we were going to have to replace the whole heater. Thankfully it ended up just being some rocks in the exhaust pipe. We also took a walk and ended up going to our typical hang out, McDonalds. I miss being able to go to a park, but its really to to cold to be outside for any amount of time. 
Friday finally came and I was so excited. After putting the kids to bed we watched a movie. Saturday was the big day. We had decided to visit our good friends the Jevene's. They were on the Island with us and its been three years since we've seen than ans it was great to see them. They also watched the kids for us so we could go to the Temple. The Temple was tiny, but beautiful. It was so nice to get to go with Johnny which also hasn't happened in a long time. We got headed home a lot later than we were planning so the ride home was hard. Church was even harder. The kids were quite tired, so they were cranky, but we got through it. 
Tomorrow we are heading north for a couple of days. We wanted to go to Nauvoo, but the temple is going to be closed so we searched for another location for our mini vacation. We settled on Minneapolis. Santa is making an appearance at the Mall of America which we thought would be fun. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

A long time missing

Okay I need to get back into doing my blog. I know if I tried to cover everything we did in the last two months I would never get caught up. Life has been so crazy I don't even know where September and October went. We had anther visit from Uncle Joey, celebrated my birthday, made three pirate costumes, Johnny did another two weeks of night shifts, we went to the pumpkin patch a couple times, I had a bout with pneumonia, and Halloween came and went and that is just a few of the highlights. I promise we will do better in the next little while. I have lots of exciting fun things coming up!