Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Doodles

Monday I spent my day cleaning house and prepping for Daphne's party. We really didn't decide to have a party until last week so I didn't have a lot of time to plan stuff. We decided on easy. I made a simple lunch and to just let the kids play in the pool and sprinkler and have some water balloons for them to pop. 

The big day arrived and I'm grateful to say everything went very smoothly that morning while I made all the food and got everything ready. I was a little nervous because when I woke up it was overcast, but the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. Daphne woke up asking when her party was and when her friends would be here. She was so excited. The kids had a great time and I'm so glad. 

Daphne requested a chocolate cake with berries and I was happy to oblige. I trained her well! I was happy with how it turned out and everyone loved it.

Wednesday we took advantage of having the car and went to a playgroup the stake has. It was at an awesome park in West Des Moines. It is on a lake with a beach. It has a great playground and a little splash pad. The kids had a great time and I got to meet some new girls. We are actually going to go to another play group with a couple of them tomorrow. We also went to the mall and Costco since we were on that side of town.

Playgroup on Thursday was very nice. It was at a great play ground. It was so nice to get to know some more ladies a little better. Daphne had a great time with the kids and I think my have found a best friend. Eliza is 3 as  well and they just loved each other. 

Friday we went out again cause I had some things I needed to get for the house. It was a horrible outing. Daphne pooped in her underwear THREE times. The last time I just bawled while I cleaned her up AGAIN. I am getting so frustrated with this potty training thing. She knows how to do it, but she chooses not to use the potty and it is wearing on me. We have been working on this for almost a year off and on and she does really well for a month and then decides not to go anymore. Its just so frustrating. 

Saturday was fun filled. We headed out as Johnny came in from his last night shift. It was sad to go have fun while he was home sleeping, but he needed it. We went to our ward's Pioneer Day Party. We had stick pulls and games and a cute little covered wagon for the kids to ride as well as a potluck lunch. Daphne had a blast playing with friends and getting to run around.

That night we went to the Indianola hot Air Balloon Launch! Johnny volunteered to be the doctor on hand at the first aid trailer so we got free tickets. Let me say it was so cool. Daphne couldn't believe how big the balloons were and Quen got pretty into it to. I would say there were at least 50 balloons! It was a perfect night to be out to. They had a live band playing, so Daphne and I had to have a dance party. We especially liked the parrot, monkey and puppy balloons. We had a great time! 

I'm happy to say that after a hard week in potty training Daphne has had no accidents the past two days. I think our decision to withhold movies has helped a lot. Hopefully it lasts. that would top off this awesome week! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lunch and Dinner and Zombies, OH MY!!!

This week was a fun one. Th
e first of the week was pretty routine, but we had a fun weekend. 
Thursday I spent the afternoon talking to my high school friend, Lisa. We had a good time catching up and we decided to be weight loss buddies. I really need this cause I'm way out of shape and can't fit in any of my clothes. 

 Friday morning I took the kids on our weekly walk to McDonald's. We always have a lot of fun going and playing at the play place. I was so proud of Daphne because she walked the mile there and the mile back. She was a "little" cranky on the way home, but it was understandable. When Johnny got home he took us on one of our family dates. We tried out a local favorite called Zombie Burger. It was a long wait cause it was BUSY, but the food was good and the atmosphere was great. We may have to go back! We had a great time walking the shops around as it was a beautiful night.

Saturday we headed down to the Farmers Market. We need to make sure to go as early as possible cause if you show up at 10 it is packed. We headed straight over to the Hart's house for Kyle's birthday party. They had some fun games and good food. My kids were pooped by the time we got home so Johnny and I played games until dinner. 

Johnny has a week of night shifts and I'm not looking forward to it. Last time he did it it was miserable, but we will have the car so we will have to take advantage.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brother and Sister

Monday started out with a walk to McDonald's for a lunch date with my two awesome babies. When we got there I put Quen in the stroller with Daphne. She started being so cute with him and telling him how he was the best brother and how much she loved him and they were just giggling. It made my mommy heart melt. had to ake a picture and of course the camera came out and I got these serious faces. We had a great time playing in the play place and walking and talking. Quen fell asleep in the Moby wrap and it was so sweet to have my baby fall asleep on me again, its been awhile and I loved it.

We also started doing homework sheets with Daphne. Its just hand writing, but she is doing so well. I am a very proud mama. The rest of the week was pretty normal: doing chores, playing games, reading books. Johnny worked every day this week so we were stuck at home. We went out Friday on a walk to go to yard sales, but it didn't last long because it started to rain pretty badly.

Johnny did get to come to Church with us and it made it a vast improvement from last week even if she had accidents in both dresses she wore. We had a great day taking naps and watching a movie together. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doctor Daddy

 We had another great day with Uncle Joey on Monday. We went out shopping and it took all day. I did a little shopping for myself, which doesn't happen often so, exciting! We covered a lot of ground, two malls and several stores. When we got home we were all pretty pooped. 

Tuesday was Johnny's first day of residency, like actually being a Doctor! We went to visit him and give him a little card.  We didn't get to stay very long cause he was really busy, but he did buy us a little lunch. We cannot even say how proud we are of him. I know he is going to do awesome. This year is going to be hard on us I know with his long hours, but we can do it.

Joey stayed longer than we were expecting, but we loved it. One day he even watched the kids for me so I could take a nap and its always so fun to have some one to Thursday really early. The kids were really sad. They love Uncle Joey.

We didn't do much to Celebrate the 4th. in Iowa you are not allowed to have fireworks without a permit, but it seems everyone, but us knows that you just go down to Missouri and buy a whole bunch to set off. I have NEVER heard so many fireworks. They literally were going off from about 8pm until midnight. It was crazy. We went and watched some big ones at around ten. We got some ice cream as well. 
Johnny had a day off yesterday so we went out and did some errands. We were planning on going to a local football game, but when we got to the stadium no one was there. We had a dinner packed so we just went to a park and had a picnic dinner and played. it was such a nice night. 
Johnny had to work today so I was all by myself at church and it was not a fun experience. Daphne ended up peeing on Quentin and me (don't know how she managed that) so we went home early. The rest of the day was a little better. I got to take a nap since both the kids slept for a long time which was really nice.