Sunday, July 6, 2014

Doctor Daddy

 We had another great day with Uncle Joey on Monday. We went out shopping and it took all day. I did a little shopping for myself, which doesn't happen often so, exciting! We covered a lot of ground, two malls and several stores. When we got home we were all pretty pooped. 

Tuesday was Johnny's first day of residency, like actually being a Doctor! We went to visit him and give him a little card.  We didn't get to stay very long cause he was really busy, but he did buy us a little lunch. We cannot even say how proud we are of him. I know he is going to do awesome. This year is going to be hard on us I know with his long hours, but we can do it.

Joey stayed longer than we were expecting, but we loved it. One day he even watched the kids for me so I could take a nap and its always so fun to have some one to Thursday really early. The kids were really sad. They love Uncle Joey.

We didn't do much to Celebrate the 4th. in Iowa you are not allowed to have fireworks without a permit, but it seems everyone, but us knows that you just go down to Missouri and buy a whole bunch to set off. I have NEVER heard so many fireworks. They literally were going off from about 8pm until midnight. It was crazy. We went and watched some big ones at around ten. We got some ice cream as well. 
Johnny had a day off yesterday so we went out and did some errands. We were planning on going to a local football game, but when we got to the stadium no one was there. We had a dinner packed so we just went to a park and had a picnic dinner and played. it was such a nice night. 
Johnny had to work today so I was all by myself at church and it was not a fun experience. Daphne ended up peeing on Quentin and me (don't know how she managed that) so we went home early. The rest of the day was a little better. I got to take a nap since both the kids slept for a long time which was really nice. 

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  1. It's amazing how much your kids look like each other!!!