Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brother and Sister

Monday started out with a walk to McDonald's for a lunch date with my two awesome babies. When we got there I put Quen in the stroller with Daphne. She started being so cute with him and telling him how he was the best brother and how much she loved him and they were just giggling. It made my mommy heart melt. had to ake a picture and of course the camera came out and I got these serious faces. We had a great time playing in the play place and walking and talking. Quen fell asleep in the Moby wrap and it was so sweet to have my baby fall asleep on me again, its been awhile and I loved it.

We also started doing homework sheets with Daphne. Its just hand writing, but she is doing so well. I am a very proud mama. The rest of the week was pretty normal: doing chores, playing games, reading books. Johnny worked every day this week so we were stuck at home. We went out Friday on a walk to go to yard sales, but it didn't last long because it started to rain pretty badly.

Johnny did get to come to Church with us and it made it a vast improvement from last week even if she had accidents in both dresses she wore. We had a great day taking naps and watching a movie together. 

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