Saturday, October 27, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Last night we carved pumpkins. Its always hard work, but so worth it in the end. Daphne "helped" me carve her pumpkin by eating it. We obviously need to buy more pumpkins for cooking purposes.

Here is her finished pumpkin! Cute huh?

This is our "front porch" all decorated for Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2012


So living here in the South I have discovered a new favorite food that surprised me. Fried Green Tomatoes!!! They are so tasty. I was nervous to try them seeing as I am not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but these are not your average tomatoes. Johnny took us out to a "real southern cooking" restaurant that's famous for their fried green tomatoes so I had to try and I was shocked. They are so tart and gooey and almost anything is better fried in batter. If you have never gotten to try them they are a must, Believe me you won't be disappointed!

Vance and Daphne's Wedding

Last week Daphne and I got to head to Arizona to see my little brother get married. It was a great time. Daphne was a little "off". The plane rides and the three hour time difference were a little to much for her so she was a little cranky which means I was a tired mama. By the end she was getting used to it and then it was time to come home.
We spent the first night over at Jeff's house. We went out for dinner and then stayed up talking. The next day Heather took me out for a Mani/Pedi and out to lunch. I felt so spoiled and I enjoyed every minute of it! Then Vance came to pick me up to head down to St. David. We did a couple of errands first and then I tried to help as much as I could with a screaming baby to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Daphne did a little better at the dinner, but once she was tired she was falling all over the place. by this time I was exhausted. 

 The next day was the BIG day. After helping my mom with the soup for the dinner. I got to help all the girls get pretty. I did Chelsea's hair and then my mom's and Rachel's make-up. I was fun to do and  fun to have some more girl time. 

The wedding was wonderful. Daphne (bride) was beautiful and although you could tell Vance was nervous you could tell they were both happy and very much in love. I wish the best for them in their new life together.

Daphne and I went home from the reception early. I felt bad, but she and I literally could NOT take any more. She was inconsolable and I was just pooped. When we got home she crashed and I was so glad she was out. I got to sit in peace until the family got home and then I went to bed.

On Sunday I went to church with mom and Grandma. Rachel's little family was there too and afterward they took me and Daphne to Tucson with them. The family all got together to celebrate Rachel's birthday and to say goodbye before people started heading out. Jeff came and picked me up there and we spent the rest of the time at their house. Daphne was happier by then so we had a great day on Monday. We played with Helen and Arlo until Heather and Felicity got home. Then we went out to a cool museum (can't remember the name) and out to eat again. The next morning we headed back home. She did well on the flights and during our 3 hour layover. As nice as the trip was it was so good to get back to Johnny and to be able to sleep in our own beds again. 

Again thanks to my mom and everyone for making it possible to come and for carting us around and letting us stay with you and everything anyone did. We are so thankful and we love you!

Friday, October 12, 2012

So this is Stone Mountain?

Today we went to Stone Mountain. I have read about this place many times on Jessie's blog, but today I got to see it for myself and it is so pretty there. The first thing I thought when I got off the freeway and into the park was, "We have to bring Johnny here". 
After finding Jessie we headed down to the sand pit. Daphne was hesitant at first, but once she saw how you could smash the sand she was hooked. I have never seen her so messy and of course she had to eat some of it. Next we headed up to story time to hear a story of a square pumpkin who saved the day. And last was a quick run to get some candy for finishing a little scavenger hunt. It was just a short trip and next time we will have to go for longer and check out everything there is to do.

The BEST part was just being with friends. I really am so happy to have Jessie here and I LOVE that Daphne has a little friend just her size, Lullaby.(Aren't they the cutest?) I think Matix remembers me from the island and I love that. We were the best of buddies there. And little Hawken is as sweet as ever, though a little more grown up.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Atlanta and the Crab Shack.

We have been here since Friday and this is the first time I have been able to sit down it seems. I have been on the go since the moment we got here. After arriving and loading the car I started the long process of getting things in order around the house. The we all went out and did a little exploring and got a bit to eat. When we got home I was so pooed and so I went to bed. The next morning Daphne and I we up bright and early so we could go to Liz's baby shower. It was great fun and it was so fun to see Jessie again, even though we didn't get to talk much since she was hosting. After the long drive home I went grocery shopping and then it was home to finish the unpacking. I didn't get it all done until Sunday morning during the first session of conference. During the break we out for a little walk cause it was so nice outside. We found a little park pretty close to the house. When we got back we had missed a whole bunch of calls. some from my mom and some from Jessie inviting us for dinner. So after a quick chat with my parents we headed over. It was so nice getting to visit and to play with the boys. Today we went and did a little shopping and we went out for my birthday dinner....Finally. We ate a Joe's Crab Shack. I had never been there and Johnny has been trying to take me for years, but it has never worked out, but tonight it did and I LOVED it. Whats not to love about a bucket full of Crab? Yum!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

One down...

Johnny just got home from his LAST day of his ObGyn rotation and I have to say it feels so good. The time flew and I have a feeling his other will probably go just a quickly. Before I know it he will be graduating (a girl can dream)! Just interviewed him about it here it is.


What was your favorite thing about ObGyn?
"The Variety: I got to be in a clinic, a hospital, do a little surgery, a little bit of everything."

What did you not like about it?
"I don't know."

Would you consider making it your Specialty?

What is your Favorite Memory?
"My first cesarean. I got to be right up close and see everything. I held a retractor and I got to suction."

What was the name of your Attending Doctor? 
Dr. Pierre

We are moving tomorrow to Atlanta where we will be for the next SIX months and I am so excited. My great friend Jessie (you all remember the Bergs right?) lives pretty close to where we are moving and is in our ward if you can believe it! I hope this means I will have a few less days sitting at home staring at the walls. I hope that because we are staying for a little longer I can make some friends. It was pretty sad here, because at church the second I said we were here for 6 weeks they kinda lost interest. 
 I better get busy lots to do before tomorrow.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Quarter Century

Well today is my 25th birthday. Time is such a funny thing. I remember growing up that 25 was so old. It wasn't to long ago Johnny turned 25 and I remember making fun of him for being "old", but now that I'm here it doesn't seem that way. I still feel young. 25 years goes fast, especially the last 5. I still feel like I'm the same person I was when I graduated high school, but I am different and I have changed and so many good things have happened to me.
I didn't do much in terms of celebrating. We did go to Lisa's and have ice cream (not a big fan of cake) and play games. So fun, THANKS Lisa!!!! But other that that I went to church and relaxed with Johnny and Daphne. That's just fine with me. I'm not big on birthdays  I'm not saying I don't like them, just that if all I did was spend time with family that is enough for me. I don't need cards, presents or a big party.