Thursday, October 4, 2012

One down...

Johnny just got home from his LAST day of his ObGyn rotation and I have to say it feels so good. The time flew and I have a feeling his other will probably go just a quickly. Before I know it he will be graduating (a girl can dream)! Just interviewed him about it here it is.


What was your favorite thing about ObGyn?
"The Variety: I got to be in a clinic, a hospital, do a little surgery, a little bit of everything."

What did you not like about it?
"I don't know."

Would you consider making it your Specialty?

What is your Favorite Memory?
"My first cesarean. I got to be right up close and see everything. I held a retractor and I got to suction."

What was the name of your Attending Doctor? 
Dr. Pierre

We are moving tomorrow to Atlanta where we will be for the next SIX months and I am so excited. My great friend Jessie (you all remember the Bergs right?) lives pretty close to where we are moving and is in our ward if you can believe it! I hope this means I will have a few less days sitting at home staring at the walls. I hope that because we are staying for a little longer I can make some friends. It was pretty sad here, because at church the second I said we were here for 6 weeks they kinda lost interest. 
 I better get busy lots to do before tomorrow.


  1. hooray hooray! too fun. we are here until march too, and our ward is super fun. i'm sure you'll make friends right away. see you SOON! :)

  2. So sad that you're leaving already. Time went by way too fast!! I'm glad we got to do a little sewing, a girls night, and had a game night. Sure do love you and am so thankful to have been able to see you. :D
    I'm sorry to hear that people lost interest when they heard you were only staying for a short time. Shouldn't be that way at all and I apologize. That's one of the hard things about being in a military ward. So many people are in and out.
    Again, glad you got to be here for a short while!!

  3. How fun to be with the Bergs again!! Hope you guys have tons of fun together!

  4. How exciting!!! Ob is a good one to have done with, and this year will fly by for you guys. Jealous you and Jessie will be living near each other, have so much fun!