Friday, October 12, 2012

So this is Stone Mountain?

Today we went to Stone Mountain. I have read about this place many times on Jessie's blog, but today I got to see it for myself and it is so pretty there. The first thing I thought when I got off the freeway and into the park was, "We have to bring Johnny here". 
After finding Jessie we headed down to the sand pit. Daphne was hesitant at first, but once she saw how you could smash the sand she was hooked. I have never seen her so messy and of course she had to eat some of it. Next we headed up to story time to hear a story of a square pumpkin who saved the day. And last was a quick run to get some candy for finishing a little scavenger hunt. It was just a short trip and next time we will have to go for longer and check out everything there is to do.

The BEST part was just being with friends. I really am so happy to have Jessie here and I LOVE that Daphne has a little friend just her size, Lullaby.(Aren't they the cutest?) I think Matix remembers me from the island and I love that. We were the best of buddies there. And little Hawken is as sweet as ever, though a little more grown up.

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