Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back to Business

This week has been pretty good. I feel we are finally settled except our lack of a dinning table and chairs. The kids and I have been getting used to our new surroundings. We love having a playground in the complex and spent a couple mornings playing there. I have spent a bit of time at the leasing office making sure everything is finalized and to our liking. I had to ask for a new oven twice. the first one we had didn't work at all and the second was very old and pretty dirty. Friday we finally got a brand new stove and it works great! I've also spent a lot of time grocery shopping. I feel like I have gone to the grocery store every other day to get stocked up on things. Wednesday Johnny had the day off which was nice and we went to the playground with him. Yesterday we participated in a Day of Service. We went to a park with our stake and picked up trash. It was a great way to teach Daphne about how we give service to others. She was a lookout for trash and did great. 

I asked for a smile, this is what I got.
Last Sunday Johnny sent in his applications for residency programs. He already has one scheduled in Tennessee. I am so proud of him. Please pray for lots more. We are trying to decide if we will all drive out or if he will fly out by himself. Its a long drive, but it would save us $100. At this point its a toss up so we may or may not be going on a trip next weekend

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