Monday, October 7, 2013


This last week was spent getting ready for and going on our big trip to Johnny's interview in Tennessee. The trip started 3am on Thursday morning. We had everything packed the night before and after feeding Quentin we pack up the kids and headed out. We made really good time and were in Jackson by 6pm. We went for a little swim and then went out for dinner. After 13plus hours in the car we were all tired so we went to bed really early for us. The next morning after dropping Johnny off for the interview we checked out of the hotel and headed out to check out the city we may be calling home. I liked it well enough. It is the perfect size, not to big, not to small and there are nice neighborhoods to live. There is lots of shopping and the Seattle Mariners farm league is located in town. It wasn't as pretty as the Eastern part of the state, but still beautiful. Johnny got done about three so we picked him up and started heading home. He said he liked the program and the director and residents were nice. The interviews were not what he expected, but thought they went well. We only got a few hour out before we decided to stop and get dinner and a hotel. The next day was spent driving and driving and driving. The way home always seems longer than the way there, but we made it. The only bummer about the trip was we missed conference on Saturday and then Sunday our Internet kept giving out so we missed President Monsons talk. The rest was great though and I can't wait to read over them in the coming months.

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