Friday, May 18, 2012

A whole lot of the same

Since being here in Lamar we really haven't been doing much. We are home all day, everyday. Johnny studies and Daphne and I play. Seems like the story of our lives. Johnny has the date for the STEP set up for the 6th of June. It seems to be coming up fast. 
Daphne is continuing to grow. She is officially mobile. She has been rolling for awhile and was very good at getting where she wanted to be, but she started scooting this week. Right now she looks a lot like some one beat her up. She fell of the bed and got carpet burn on her nose and then Nana took her out on the porch swing and she came back with a split lip. She also is going to get her two front teeth in any day now.

As for me I have not been doing to much just my daily chores and a little bit of sewing. I made this dress for myself and really love it. I was so excited it turned out so well. I've never made a dress for myself before. I helped my mom make my 8th grade graduation dress, but she did most of it. I just watched her. This dress had a couple of things  was nervous to try: pleats, pin tucks, and pockets. The whole time making the dress I would say I can't do this and then I would sit and figure it out and then look at it and would just say "I LOVE IT!" It turned out pretty cute.
School is going to be over for the kids next week, Joey will be coming to visit and the pool will be opening, so our little schedule will be changing I think. 


  1. i hadn't seen that haircut on you either! it's SO cute!! you are such a talented seamstress! very impressive.

  2. Tracy! I love your haircut and your pretty dress! I cannot believe you made that! You have some skills :)

  3. You did a great job on the dress! It looks great!! And i love your hair!! Call me sometime so we can catch up!!

  4. Umm, that dress has POCKETS!! Way to go Tracy! Can you take a video of Daphne scooting to share? Pretty please?

  5. Tracy you look great! Way to go with the dress... it looks amazing! Daphne is getting so big! I bet you are counting down the days for the STEP to just be over! Tell Johnny good luck! Miss you guys!