Friday, June 1, 2012


Well the thing I didn't want to do happened I missed posting about my baby's 10 month birthday. The lack of recent posts is two fold: nothing really fun or different has been happening and I just haven't gotten on the computer in about 2 weeks. 
Daphne seems to be growing up so fast lately. Her two top teeth came out this last week and yesterday she crawled for the first time and she is pulling herself up on things really well now. 
Yesterday I was down stairs and Johnny called me up stairs and told me we needed to talk. When I got up it was the last thing I thought it would be. He told me that he had just got an email telling him that he can apply to rotations TODAY. I didn't think we would get to until after we got his scores from the test back (which by the way won't be until July 15). So we got to pick our top choices and they said they decide on a first come first served basis which is good because we had the application done an half hour after the email was recieved. They also said they would let us know where we are assigned in two weeks. So if Johnny passes we will know where we are going to be living for rotations in the next TWO WEEKS. That is such a stress re-leaver for me cause that gives me ample time to find a place to live and go through our stuff to decide what we are taking with us. Oh It makes me excited just to think of it. Our number one pick starts in September and is for the full two years, so we wouldn't have to move around at all. Please pray for us that we get it and pray for Johnny to do well on his test on Wednesday. It is the biggest test of his life and determines the rest of his medical career. Pray, Pray, Pray!!!!


  1. Please tell me your number one pick is in Saginaw!! I would love you to come here! But, I will happy for you wherever you go!

  2. I'm wishing that you guys get exactly the rotation you want! I can't believe you will know it two weeks, that is sooo cool!

  3. Excited to hear how his test goes and where you'll be moving to!

  4. georgia??!!!!!! please please please. i am a good prayer. :) i will pray that you get in where you want to be. how exciting!