Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Home (for the next four months)!

We arrived here in Lamar on Friday, but our lives have been a little crazy and this is the first opportunity I have gotten to even look at my blog, much less post. Unpacking has gone very slowly and Daphne has not been feeling well. She got a pretty high fever when we got here and wanted to be held, only by me, constantly. She is better now. I think she is majorly teething right now. She didn't seem to have any problems when her two bottom teeth came in, but these top teeth seem to be a little tougher on her. She is tired a lot more now too. Her little tired eyes are so sad, and it kills me to see them. She goes down like a dream though. When here tired eyes appear I lay her down and she turns to her side and goes right to sleep. Have I mentioned I have the easiest baby in the world!?!

 I know some were shocked to find out that we went on a little trip to D.C. on our way home, but is was just as big of a shock to me. I am going to start working on recording our adventures there and hopefully you will have a post with tons of pictures soon. Until then....


  1. I LOVED DC when I went several years ago. Your pictures looked like you had a great time. Hope we'll get to see you sometime this summer.

  2. How fun! Isn't DC great? I am way behind on reading my fave blogs, but can't wait to check out your DC photos! Hope you're enjoying being back in Lamar! Miss you!!!!