Thursday, October 13, 2011

New challenge!

I finished one now its time for another! 

Cooking here on the island can get kinda rough. There are foods you have never seen before let alone know how to cook. You can't find the foods you normally cook with. Contrary to popular belief it is hard to find "healthy" foods here. (Most of what we have is packaged and canned.) It is torture to have to turn on the stove or oven, because it is already 100 degrees in your house. Yes...VERY painful, but we have to do it everyday. 
When people first get here most of their questions are related in someway to procuring or preparing food. So my dear friend Clare decided to have a food challenge!  For six weeks I will have to prepare one meal that corresponds with that weeks food with only ingredients found on the island. We will post them on Spouses Kitchen, our island food blog. I will post mine here as well. Happy cooking everyone!

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  1. I love that idea!! i used the pumpkin a few times- for soup and pie- awesome :D