Thursday, October 27, 2011

Food, fun and a cranky baby

Tuesday night I went out with the girls for a goodbye party for our friend Meagan. I was super excited about it and had debated if I should take Daphne with me. I don't get to hang out without her very often, but had decided Johnny needs the quality study time with no distractions and Daphne would probably just fall asleep like she usually does. Boy was I wrong. She would have nothing to do with sleep even though she was super tired and of course she was fussy as a result. We got home and she went right to bed and all seemed to be fine, until the next day. She was not a happy baby. She would only sleep if being held and only for very short periods. She wanted to eat constantly and was just over all cranky. I know its normal for babies to have bad days especially if you mess up their sleep, but it was just so weird to she her so needy and fussy because she has always been so sweet and easy. Well lesson learned, next time I'm out and she is being fussy and not sleeping like she should be then we are calling it a night and both going to bed early. That's almost as good as going out with the girls right?
Besides the Daph being a cranky puss, I had a great time. We went up to DeChamps and reserved their hot tub deck area. We got to sit and watch the sun set, eat dinner and relax in the hot tub. We had a great time talking and eating cupcakes. Can't beat it!

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