Friday, September 30, 2011

Today is my birthday!

Today was awesome!
Daphne was such a good girl this morning and took a long nap right after I fed her this morning so I basically got to sleep in 'til 11. Then I got up and got ready and we went and ate lunch with daddy. I went to Katie's house so she could help me with some computer stuff and hang out. We had a great time and I LOVE what we did to my computer, its so nice and organized now. Thank you Katie! I came home and dropped Daphne off with daddy so I could go to my massage. Daddy told me to go get a massage for my bday so I got an hour full body hot stone massage. All I can say is AMAZING! It was so nice and I loved it for my birthday present.
 I came home and Daddy had gone and gotten Tulips so I didn't have to cook and it was great as always. So all in all my 24th birthday was a major success! 


  1. That sounds like an INCREDIBLE birthday! I'm so happy for you. You really sound like you're doing great and loving life. Being a mom can be hard at times, but so worth it. Sure do love you and I'm glad you married such a great guy who spoiled you on your birthday. :D

  2. happy happy birthday!!!! we love you tracy! :)