Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two months and counting......

Daphne is as precious to me as the day she arrived, and even more so. I love every piece of her! She is so sweet and easy. She loves her daddy. She is a very serious, but happy baby. She is happiest in the morning when she first wakes up and we love laying bed with her and listening to her talk and coo at us. She does not like to have a dirty diaper and loves her bath even when the water is cold. I love her graceful, girly hands. Her little pinkie is always sticking out. She is ticklish and loves to have her feet tickled. She does not like to be alone and loves to be held so that she can watch what is going on. She hates tummy time, but her neck muscles are very strong and she holds her head up very well. She even tries to sit up. She is sleeping really well and only has to eat once during the night. She is not very cuddly, but when she is tired she just melts into your chest. She is growing so fast and is a healthy 13lbs. She is 23 inches tall and has a head circumference of 15 1/2 inches.

Little Daphne, Daddy and I are so happy to have you as part of our life. We love you more than anything in the world and want all that is best for you!

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