Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm back and loving it!

We told ourselves we were going to relax and do nothing today, but of course that didn't happen. After a very good nights sleep (thank you Daphne) I got up and checked my emails and one was from the branch presidency. It said to come to the CAC. I figured it was so they could get a calling, but to my surprise it was so both Johnny and I that got one. Can't tell you yet, but I promise Ill let you know after tomorrow. We walked around campus and I was shocked at how much it has changed since I was here. We went home and had lunch and got ready to go to the pool. Daphne was really tired so I don't think she enjoyed it as much as we think she will. I will have to experiment with the best time to go to the pool with her. While we were walking home we ran into Shantell and she invited us to a potluck dinner and to watch the BYU football game. We thought it would be fun, but it meant we needed to go shopping to get something to bring. We had a little bit of an adventure there. The cashier added the receipt before us to our total so we had to get that fixed, not a big deal in America, but in Dominica it is. We went home quickly and changed so we could go to the dinner. It was supposed to be at the CAC, but we got there and found out it changed to on of the members house so we had to walk there. On our way we got caught in a down pour. A lady saw us and gave us her umbrella because she didn't want the baby to get wet. It was the sweetest thing. So after a very wet walk we had a wonderful dinner with the branch. I got to meet all the "new to me" people. Johnny and I didn't stay for the whole game because I had invited some girls over to have cookies. They didn't end up coming, but that was okay because Johnny and I spent the evening moving our furniture around the apartment so it is the way we wanted it. Daphne went down at about 7:30 so Johnny and I have spent the last couple of hours relaxing watching football, and getting ready for the semester. One more day and then 4th semester starts!

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