Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time out

Johnny, Joey and I worked really hard today to get the storage shed cleaned out. We got a lot done and I think we have all of Johnny and my stuff moved into our room in the house. For a treat after our hard work we went with the family to the park to have a picnic and throw a baseball around. It was Daphne's first time going to a park so I had to make a record of it. In typical Daphne fashion she spent the whole time asleep. I did get out and run and throw the ball a little, but it just showed me how out of shape I am. I was tired after about 5 min. Oh well, all in good time. After the park we came home and watched True Grit. We have been trying to get Johnny's dad to sit down and watch it for awhile now and we finally did. After a full day of sleep Daphne is now wide awake and dad and I are trying to get her to go to bed, wish us luck!

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