Thursday, August 4, 2011

New house

Today we went over to the new house so I could help Mary and Bekah paint. We have gotten lot done over there. We only have two more walls to paint and the family is out emptying the storage shed as I type. The thing that is going to take the most time is getting the house packed up. We really haven't even started, just a few things here and there have been packed. It will be so nice to be over in the new house. Daphne and I will have our own bedroom, our stuff won't be in a million different places and I will be sleeping in my own bed.

After I gave Daphne her bath today she ended up with this totally cute curl on the top of her head. I don't know how it happened she had curly hair when she was first born, but it has been straight since her second bath. It is so cute. I had a little curl on the top of my head when I was a baby too, so I'm going to say she got it from me, since everything else about her is ALL Johnny.

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