Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One month old and happy with her family

Daphne is one month old today, I can't believe it! She is loving life and starting to smile a lot more and is hold her head up very well. She is still a good baby, but the last couple days she has been a little cranky. It could be a lot of different things. It could be the meds she is on or the fact we have been traveling and actually going places with her or that she is being handled a lot. Uncle Joey is here and loves to hold her and Daddy is finally home and just loves his little girl. When we got home from the airport I went to get her out and he was like, "NO, put her down I'm taking her in". I knew then that he was smitten.

A very exciting thing happened on her 1 month old day. PeeWee, one of the Cochran's dogs, had puppies. It was her first litter and she had four puppies she did really well and all I could think was that I knew how she felt, and that I was there just a month ago. I think motherhood is amazing, I love every minute of it!

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