Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh me, oh life flies by!

The lack of posts lately is really lame, but we have been so busy. We are trying really hard to get moved into the new house. I have been painting like a mad woman! (I love to paint so no complaining here.) We are done with the paint so now we just need to get packing the old house up. We move a couple boxes everyday, but Saturday is going to be the big move so we really need to get to work on packing this place up, but none of us seem to have the energy today. We haven't started and its already 4pm. We will probably not get much done today.
I have also been a bum about taking photos of the babe. I promise she is getting cuter (and bigger) every day and I will get some pics up tomorrow. She is still just the best baby. Like I said we have been doing a lot of work at the other house and she lets me do it. She plays on the floor an sleeps so well in the car seat. All I have to do is stop and feed her every three hours. I love her more everyday. She really is the BEST! We are getting really excited for daddy to come home, only 10 more days!!!!!

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