Saturday, August 27, 2011

Being a new mommy is busy...

...especially if you are trying to help your in-laws move, getting used to having a husband again, going to doctors appointments, getting a passport for your newborn while looking for your missing one, and getting ready to move back to Dominica. This is a little of what we are doing. I have been so bad about my blog the last couple of days because I haven't stopped. The moving is not fun, but Johnny and I did take a day date to Denver. Joey needed to be taken to the airport so Johnny, Daphne and I took him. We did a little shopping for things we need to take back with us. But the exciting part was our date. Johnny has been wanting to go to this really nice, fancy restaurant for awhile. He even found a coupon for a free meal for your birthday. It was a really great place and the food was excellent. Daphne was so good too and just sat there happily looking around the whole time.

Yesterday was nice and we stayed home ALL day. It didn't help cause I still didn't get anything I wanted to done. Daphne was awake the whole day. She has never done that before. I will admit I had to take a break and catch a quick nap so daddy had to fill in for awhile. He is such a good dad. He helps out a lot and I don't know what I'm going to do when we're back in Dominica and I don't have any help. I know it will work out, but I don't know how.

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  1. busy busy busy! the date night sounds like fun! glad daphne is such a good girl so you can take her out to things like that. and it will all work out in dominica. everyone loves babies. you will find someone to help you, like i found YOU when we came back with baby hawken! :) miss you tons.