Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Marvelous Monday

I have really loved fifth semester, because I feel I have seen Johnny a lot more than I used to. In Dominica he would study at school and would be gone most all day. Now he studies at home. He also has had some time that he can take breaks and go out. On Monday he did. 

We headed out after a lazy morning and did some shopping. Then it was on to the main attraction of the day, THE HUNGER GAMES!

My dear brother Arlo sent us a Fandango gift card for Christmas and I knew exactly what movie I wanted to use it on. I enjoyed to books, just as so many others did, so it was obvious we were going to go. Daphne was such a good girl daddy had to go in the "hall' part of the theater a couple time, but just because she was talking to the movie screen. She especially liked the part when the scary dogs jumped out. Seriously she was cracking up, she thought they were funny. Johnny had to tell all the parts they left out, and all the plot holes of the story, but I enjoyed it. I usually am the same when I watch a beloved book that they adapted to film, but this time was different. I purposely went in telling myself to ignore that it was book and think of it as separate from the books. I had a discussion with a friend about this and she said that when they make these books into movies you have to realize its just some one else's interpretation of the story, and to keep yours in your imagination. So I did and, it worked.

He also took us out to Olive Garden for Soup, Salad and Bread sticks. Always good! Yes, I love days with my husband!!!

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  1. Tracy, reading your blog this semester gives me HOPE! That life will get a little more normal and that it will be fun in Miramar! I appreciate your positive attitude about everything! And I really like the Hunger Games movie too, loved the book, but I think I read it long enough ago to not compare the two too much and so I ended up liking it.