Saturday, March 10, 2012

Look how far we've come.

Five years ago today my greatest dream came true. Johnny and I got married for all eternity! Looking back on those years we have come so far and done so many things I never thought in a million years would happen. We have had such a fun life together. We have both grown so much. We have changed, but we still love each other so much. Johnny is such a good husband and such a good dad. He makes me so much better than I am on my own. We were made for each other. 
So I wanted to surprise Johnny and take him out, but things didn't work out exactly right so no surprise, but we did have a nice dinner. We didn't have Daphne with us, and even though I missed her it was nice not to have to take care of her during our dinner together. We got to talk and relax and enjoy a nice dinner. 
Love you babe, can't wait to see what the next five years bring.

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