Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Last Month....Wow that was fast!

Well we have been soaking up the summer here. Johnny finished his Surgery rotation and his new rotation is nice for me and Daphne. He only has to go in two days a week so that means lots of Daddy time! We have been spending time going to parks and out shopping, but most of our time has been at home looking at Residency info, trying to figure out where we want to apply.

 We had a great time on the Fourth. A bunch of people from the ward got together for a pot luck and had a great time hanging out and watching all the kids play. We were supposed to swim, but it was rainy all day. :-(

This was from Fathers Day. We went to a little football tailgate thing, because Johnny thought it would be fun. I wasn't interested at all but we did have fun getting our character drawn for a little gift for Daddy.

 We have spent many days at the splash pad, sometimes with Daddy sometimes with friends, but its always fun.

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  1. Glad you get to have more time with Johnny!!! HUGE BLESSING. You're a saint, Tracy, for being so supportive of him. Huge sacrifice.