Thursday, July 25, 2013


I had planned on posting about Daphne's second birthday, but someone decided to steal her lime light. We got home from her birthday party and after a quick shower I laid down to take a nap. I started having contractions, but I just tried to sleep through them. After an hour or so I gave up on the nap, it was time to get up anyway because Johnny and I needed to get ready to go to a tour of the OB Ward at the hospital. I told Johnny I had been having some contractions so he said to lay down and keep track of them. So I did and he got dinner done and Daphne ready for bed and tried to clean up the house a little since the Tanya was coming to our house to babysit Daphne and it was pretty dirty. 
My contractions were more constant then I thought and after awhile they started getting painful. After a couple hours of laying down and lots of water they hadn't changed so we called the doctors office. They told me he would call us back. He didn't so we called again after almost an hour. He still didn't call back but by this time it was time to go to the hospital anyway. I packed a few essential things just incise they decided to keep me at the hospital and headed out. We listened to part of the little talk before the tour and the doctor still hadn't called so Johnny went up to L&D to see what they would say. They told him to bring me up. So after registering we went to triage where they took blood and started an I.V. They checked me and I was dilated to a 3. They gave me some medication to try to stop the contractions and some steroids for little mans lungs. By midnight my contractions still hadn't stopped so they admitted me. They kept giving meds to stop the contractions and by noon on Wednesday they finally stopped. They checked me again and I was still at 3cm so they decided to keep me until the morning so they could give me my second shot of steroids and to observe me and let me get some rest.
Well we are home now and I'm so glad. The hospital is no fun. I did have really nice nurses and I hope to get to see them when this little man really gets to come. It was a little sad not getting to come home with a baby, but I would rather he cook a little more. The doctor sent me home with a prescription for the meds to stop the contractions, enough for 15 days. That will get me past the 36 week mark. I think if I make it that far they will let it happen after that. I have an appointment on Wednesday and I will talk more about that with the doctor then. 
I wanted to send a big thanks to Tanya for staying so late with Daphne and also to those who called or texted to let me know you we're thinking of me. Thanks to for all the prayers and please continue them. We want little man to be as healthy as possible when he decides to come.


  1. oh my goodness!! that is crazy! i'm so glad you were able to come home and not have to stay there on bed rest for the next 15 days!! and that little man is still growing inside of you. :)

  2. Hey Tracy, Glad I could help! If you need anything else, pls let me know - I'm only 5 mins away!

  3. DONT be sad that you didn't get to bring him home yet... if he would of come then he would of been in the nicu and you would of had to deal with that (trust me- its so much worse!!) Be happy he is still in you so he can bake a little bit longer and come out healthy and strong!!