Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time keeps rolling, just like me!

I know I have recently said this, but Daphne has grown in leaps and bounds this month. She is rolling all over the place. Her squeals have turned into talking. She says "dada" and "gaga" really well. She is blowing bubbles and sitting up on her own.  She loves to play on the floor and grab anything she can get her hands on. 
She loves to eat and some of her favorites are sweet potatoes and apples. When she is hungry she will smack her lips and stick out her tongue. She loves to get "eaten" and wrestle with daddy. She loves to exercise with mommy. She loves to listen to the vacuum and any music. She loves to roll under things (i.e. chairs, table). She love to play peek-a-boo. She loves her blanky from her Uncle Joey.
She is so sweet and so good. I know I say that (and most moms say that), but she really is. I'm not just jaded, she really is a great baby. Everywhere I go people say how lucky I am, I REALLY AM! She smiles at everyone. She rarely cries. She goes to bed well, she eats well. She plays by herself when I need to get stuff done, but loves to play whenever you want to. She is PERFECT!!! I hope she stays so sweet forever. I'm kind of scared of how she will turn out later, because she has been so good so far. Baby, mommy loves you to pieces.

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