Friday, February 24, 2012

Stuffed Animals

So these little guys were my most recent project. They took me a little longer than my typical projects because I did them all on my own. I had to make the pattern for each of them, meaning I had to DRAW them out. If you know me, you know I am no artist so this was a big deal. I had to redo the drawings a few times, but they came out okay.

If you couldn't tell I am really loving using my sewing machine, but I'm running into a  problem. Well maybe two problems. Here they are: Funds and New Projects. I think the lack of funds is obvious. Fabric costs money and I don't have very much extra cash lying around. My New Projects problem is a little more difficult. I don't mean to say there are a lack of projects for me to do, but that there isn't anything we need right now that I can make. The more things I sew the more I think I would love to make things for other people. I keep thinking I should make stuff and sell it, but if I started a little sewing business I would rather do it by special orders than me making what I like and trying to sell it to other people. Another problem with that idea is that my sewing skills are still elementary. I also don't know many people and how how do I get the word out? So many issues. 

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