Monday, February 13, 2012

T-shirt Blanket

So I did another sewing project. I have known I wanted to do this for awhile. I love all our shirts from Dominica, but they are not the type of shirts that I would love to wear for the rest of my life. So perfect solution.

Now I got the tutorial for this on Pinterest of course, so if you want to make t-shirt blanket too then head here for the full tutorial.

I do have some pointers. 

Be careful when your cutting out the t-shirts. They all have different fabric and some are stretchier that others. Also make sure you have a lot of seam allowance. You want to have wide seems so you have room to cut the fringe. Oh speaking of cutting the fringe. Make sure you cut the fringe when the tutorial says to. I didn't and it mad it so I couldn't cut fringe on the corners because they were sewn down.  

I think that is all. This was a very simple quilt. You really have a little room for error. For me this was just to save some memories more than having a "perfectly beautiful" quilt. So if the seams aren't perfectly straight or your X's are crocked. So have fun with it. That's why we sew anyway, isn't it?

X for stability.

Make your rows first then sew them together to get a.......



  1. Tracy, I LOVE it!! Your color pattern is so creative. I dont know if I would have thought to do it that way, but it looks awesome!

  2. Very cute. I have lots of t-shirts that we have gotten from different trips that we don't wear but don't want to throw away either. Great idea!