Sunday, February 16, 2014

A week with Johnny

This week was a little strange. Johnny wasn't felling good so he stayed home on Tuesday and Wednesday. He said he needed to go in the next day and he tried, but we got over a foot of snow Wednesday night so he couldn't get the car out. Then we got another 6 inches Thursday night and couldn't get out again. So we got lots of Johnny time. We played games and had a little fun in the snow. It was great making a snowman with Daphne. She didn't help much in the actual building, but she kept asking for a nose and mouth for her little snowman. She also kept asking why Elsa was sad and made it snow and I will give you one guess what she named the snowman...

Tuesday we went to the doctors which was overdue for Quentin. He had to get shots and he was so good. Daphne and I both just got well checks. We have to go back in two weeks to get his 4 month shots. Then we will be caught up with his shots, but he will need to get his six month shots soon too because he will be turning 6 months in a couple weeks. He is getting so big and I finally have his weight (15lbs.) and height (25.5in.). Daphne got hers checked to: weight (31lbs.) and height(36.5in.). They are growing to fast. 

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