Thursday, November 29, 2012

Walking Park

I know I haven't talked much about our life here in Atlanta, but I am about to remedy that. We were so lucky with the neighborhood we ended up in. We live on the ugliest house on the block, but it is one of the best blocks to live on. We are in a ritzy part of town. We are surrounded by trees beautiful homes and a golf course. My favorite part about the neighborhood is the walking park we live RIGHT next to. We like to spend time walking up and down this very long park.

Today when we headed out I brought along the camera and took a few pictures of my little munchkin. I have been feeling sad about our lack of pictures of Daphne growing up. I was really good while we were in Dominica because we were out doing things, but now we just sit at home so its harder to remember to take pictures. That's one of the reasons for the lack of posts. (I hate posting without pics) A few of them turned out pretty cute. 

We also ended up taking a 3 mile walk. It felt really good to walk that far. I will have to keep it up and maybe I can lose some of this baby weight.