Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving and "Black Friday"

We had a great Thanksgiving. We missed being with family, but it did give me the opportunity to cook everything by myself. I love to cook so this was a very fun and exciting thought. The prep for the meal went well and I was glad I did all of it, because it made Thanksgiving day easy. 
We got up and watched the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade while we ate breakfast and got the turkey in the oven. Daphne loved the Parade. She was dancing all over the place. We spent time talking to family as well. Johnny spent lots of time on Skype talking about Black Friday with His family trying to get the best deals. 
We had a guest for dinner. Paul worked with Johnny during his Family Med Rotation. He is here in Atlanta while his family stayed home in New Jersey. He was hoping to get to go home for the holiday, but he didn't so Johnny offered him dinner at our house. Johnny had talked about him and it was nice to meet him. He was so nice and very gracious. We got to reminisce about the island even though we were there at different times.   After he left and we cleaned up we headed out to do our shopping. Johnny had done a lot of our shopping online the night before, but we wanted to go out to Walmart an get our tree and do see the fighting and shoving that goes along with the Black Friday savings. We were sorely disappointed. We walked in got our tree and then walked around waiting for the time to turn to 8 and the mauling to begin, but the time changed and nothing happened. Everyone was just walking around calmly and picking up their items. Johnny was quite disappointed. I was okay with it. I've never been one for the crowds. 
We came home and set up the tree and watched a movie. I usually do the tree the day after Thanksgiving, but we wanted to go out to a couple of malls and shop. We ended up only going to one, because it was so big. It was fun going around and looking in stores. I was more of a high end mall so it was cool to look at the  fancy stores. We saw Santa, but we didn't want to wait in the line so she didn't get to sit on his lap, but we plan on doing that at our ward party this weekend.Johnny had the whole weekend off and I loved that we got to spend all that time together. 
I am excited for the rest of the holiday season. We are going to be here obviously, but Joey is coming here for his school break. We are happy to have him, but I hope he doesn't get bored hanging with just me and Daphne with Johnny being so busy doing Peds. I guess we will have to figure out the bus system so we can do a few things. Around town.

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