Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking back.

We are having a wonderful time here. Johnny is spending all his time studying, as usual. I am spending my time doing little projects and helping around the house. Daphne is being spoiled by her aunt uncles and Nana and Papa. 

Christmas was great. Daph loves her Jumperoo. Joey kept with tradition and wrapped about 20 jars of baby food individually for me to unwrap (last year it was individual cool aide packets.) 

Last weekend we headed up to Fort Collins to visit with Johnny's Aunt Faye and Uncle Bob. They are such sweet people and we love to visit them. 

So life continues to roll on and its a new year already. Time is flying and soon we will be heading to Florida and the next step in med school.


  1. Tracy, your hair is dark again! You look so pretty.

    p.s. I miss my Daphy!

  2. What a little blue-eyed beauty!!! And wow, you are gorgeous. I hope the move to Florida goes smoothly!