Monday, January 16, 2012

From Colorado to Forida

Our time in Colorado was great, but I think both Johnny and I were ready to head into the next phase of Medical school. That, as always, started with a long trip. We headed out on Tuesday and were hoping to get all the way to Louisiana that first day, but Texas is a LOT bigger than Johnny thought. I kept telling Johnny that I didn't think we would get further than Dallas. When we finally got to Dallas we got something to eat and then found a hotel to lay our tired heads. The next day wasn't quite as long, but we did spend the whole day driving. 
We  finally got to our "half way" point, New Orleans! Our hotel was right in the middle of down town so it took a little back tracking to find the right road. As we were turning on to it this little parade cut us off. It was a little bit of luck, because I think it would have taken us all night to find our hotel if I hadn't been able to get out and walk while Johnny drove. The hotel had another name besides the one we were looking for. ("Worldmark" vs. "Avenue Plaza" The parade was just a high school marching band that need to practice, so they thought "lets have a little parade". The floats were throwing beads(we got a ton) and it was great fun to get to hear them play. It was a great way to introduce us to the Big Easy.  

After getting settled we went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Cafe. It was so good and really close to hotel, so if we ever go New Orleans again, we will definitely be stopping by. 
WWII Museum
The next morning we headed out to the WWII Museum. We were told it was a must see. It was really a great museum and I know Johnny loved it. He loves History so it was a good choice. After that we headed to the French Quarter. We walked around looking in shops. We went and saw the St. Louis Cathedral. After this we were pretty hungry so we went in search of The Court of the Two Sisters. This is where we had wanted and planned to eat. They have a buffet that is supposed to be very good with lots of Cajun food. After searching all over the Quarter, we finally stopped and asked for directions. After a nice couple stopped and took us there we walked in and they told us the buffet was closed. We were very disappointed so we headed out to find a  relatively cheep Cajun restaurant. We headed back to the hotel early because we decided it probably wasn't safe to have a baby out on Bourbon Street after dark.
St. Louis Cathedral

The next two days were spent driving here to Mirimar, Fl. When we got in I was so happy to finally be here and get settled. The place we are staying is nice. The city is very ritzy with lots of shopping. To bad I don't have any money, or I could have a lot of fun here. 
Daphne and me on the corner of Bourbon St. and Canal St.


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