Friday, January 27, 2012


Johnny gets to check off one more thing on the long list of things to do before he can graduate. He passed the Comp!!! FYI- The Comp is a test that med students that studied abroad have to take that basically is to prove they learned what they needed to to be able to practice in the States. We are so proud of him. Just so you know last semester only 30% of the class passed it the first time, so yeah, MAJORly proud of my hubby for getting it on the first try. 

Took this video of Daphne today and had to share. She has such a cute little voice. She was singing to her Giraffe pillow and I had to capture it. Of course the second I pulled out the camera she stopped, but I did get her talking a little. Enjoy.


  1. congrats on being done with the comp!! paul said it was actually harder than the step 1 test (which is up next for johnny), so considering how well he did with the comp, the step should be a breeze!! and of course daphne talking is adorable. lullaby is in that same talky stage right now and i love it. :) miss you tracy!

  2. That is great news!!! Congrats to Johnny! (And you, for being his support :) )

  3. Yay! Congratulations to Johnny! And thanks for sharing the Daphers movie, I miss that little girl!