Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lamar Days

I didn't work this week and it felt weird not to have anything to do in the afternoon. I kept busy though trying to get stuff done so we can close on the house.  Monday evening we went to the high school to watch Bekah's choir performance. She did well and it was fun to get to listen to the band and remember how much I used to love to play. We went to get ice cream after the performance and we had some good laughs. 

Wednesday Mary, the kids, and I went to Colorado Springs to do some food storage shopping and go to the bank. It was nice to get out of Lamar for a little while and we got our chores accomplished. Daphne was happy cause we took her to McDonalds for lunch and she liked get all the snacks at Costco.

This weekend was Lamar Days. They had a little parade so we all went. Daphne hasn't been to many parades and she loved running and grabbing the candy though she teared up a couple times cause all the kids were faster than she was, but a couple were nice and shared with her. After naps we went over to the park to take in all the festivities, but it was pretty disappointing this year. We stayed to let Daphne play on the playground.

Johnny and I both had talks today in church. We talked about the blessings of reading the Book of Mormon. I think we did pretty well. 

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