Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter in Estes

Well did we have an awesome weekend!?! I am so glad John wanted to take the boys to a baseball game and I'm glad we decided to make it a little family reunion! 

We headed up to Denver to meet John and Joey on Friday. Meeting up with everyone took longer than we thought because we had a little miss-communication about Joe's flight, but it all worked out. After a quick dinner we all headed up the mountains to Estes Park. this is one of The Cochran's favorite places and it seems we try to make a trip up every time we stay with them. I don't know if it will ever pass Sedona in my list of favorite places, but I do love it there. 

Saturday morning we all headed out to the shops to walk around and enjoy the mountain air. We had fun looking at all the shops and talking and reminiscing while we gorged ourselves on all the delicious candy we bought. We had to keep that trip short so we could get the boys fed and ready to head back to Denver for the game.

They seemed to have a lot of fun. They got there early so they could get autographs and catch practice balls. They enjoyed the squirrel that decided to join the game and their messy hot dogs. The Rockies won which they always like to hear and they stayed late to gather cups from the stand which is part of the tradition of going to the game.

Us girls just sat and relaxed while the boys were gone. We went out for a nice steak dinner and came home and soaked in the hot tub and then warmed ourselves by the fire. 

Sunday morning Mary and John went down the mountain to visit Nana and Papa's graves while us kids stayed home and played games. When the parents got back we started a game of "bases" or as I always knew it as "pickle". We had so much fun and we were all exhausted when it was time to come in. We hid Easter Eggs and Daphne and Tanner each got a basket to open. We had a wonderful Easter dinner of ham and potatoes. Joe, Bekah, Tanner and I went on a hike after and I realized half way through that I am way out of shape. 

The evening was spent in the hot tub and then playing games. The resort we stayed at was so nice and comfortable. We had and amazing time. 

Monday we were all up early to head back home. On the way we had to stop and get a car that John had purchased and then it was back to Lamar. 

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